Health, Wellness Center makes efficient transition


There are many times when college, depression, disabilities, or just life in general, can bog down the wonderful experience that the gift of living grants.

Sometimes there are easy solutions. Sometimes there are solutions unseen, and the Health and Wellness Center can help with those problems.

The newly-created Health and Wellness Center is now located across the campus to a section that is now north of the library building.

Dr. Lynne Cleavinger, the director of health and wellness, and her staff are excited about the move.

“I love it!” Dr. Cleavinger said. “The new location helps with privacy and serves as a more comfortable space for students.”

Dr. Cleavinger emphasizes that the new location has added privacy for the students. Guidance and Counseling was together in the Student Services Building. The idea was that testing and advising would be separate from the personal counseling, disability help, and other issues that are related to mental health.

“So if a student came in to see a counselor, those health records are kept separate from those academic records,” Dr. Cleavinger explained.

The center is open during the fall and spring semesters on Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The center offers a free health clinic, personal counseling, and disability services. The health clinic, located only on the Levelland campus, is available to all South Plains students enrolled in six or more credit hours on the Levelland campus. A nurse will be available throughout the day, but for a student to see a doctor, an assessment with the nurse must be completed by 10:30 a.m.

Personal counseling is more than mental or behavioral issues. College adjustment issues such as homesickness, college life, managing stress, and even relationship problems, are all issues that the center is ready to help with.

“We have licensed mental health professionals who are on staff,” Dr. Cleavinger said.

“They help with test anxiety, relationship issues, depression, or anything that the student needs help with.”

The disability services are a major part of the Health and Wellness Center. Enrolled students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations must contact the Disability Services Office and fill out an application before accommodations can be made.

Any student with a documented disability that is within the parameters of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is granted academic accommodations.

Linda Young serves as the Disability Accommodation Specialist on the Levelland campus.

“A disability is more than just physical,” Young said. “A disability could be a learning disability, psychiatric, or medical.”

Actions such as omitting questions on a test or exam are not allowed. But some accommodations that could be made include help with writing down an answer, extended time on exams and tests, or help with note taking.

“A student may comprehend and have the learning capacity, but it may take longer for the student to write it down or process the information,” Young said. “The student is still expected to know the material, but may need assistance or extra time to get the answer on paper.”

The staff at the Health and Wellness Center are proud to help anybody who walks through the doors needing help or someone to talk with. Everything in the office is completely confidential.

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