Beverly Hills once again has become the target of a killer on the loose and a murder in the new season of “Devious Maids.”

“Devious Maids” premiered its third season on June 1, and the cast and the producers did not disappoint. This season is focused more on the Stappords’ househould.

The season-opener picks up where the last season finale left off, with the cliffhangers and die-hard fans finally get their answers.

The season-opener starts with a scene from the season two finale with Rosie (Dania Ramirez) getting shot at her wedding. She wakes up from a coma and sees her maid friends, Marisol (Ana Ortiz), Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez), and Zoila (Judy Reyes).

They all explain to Rosie she has been in a coma for three months, and Spence (Grant Show) has been doing a wonderful job of taking care of things and her son, Miguel (Alejandro Vera). During that same visit, Zoila announces she’s pregnant, letting them all assume that her boyfriend, Javier (Ivan Hernandez), is the father. Rosie also finds out that Pablo (Alex Fernandez), Zoila’s ex-husband, was shot and killed.

Many things have changed during the course of three months. Marisol runs her own maid company and is the author of a best-selling book. She meets a guy named Jesse Morgan (Nathan Owens), a maid who wants to find work. They end up starting a relationship, but it ends when Jesse has to leave town. Marisol initially helps find work for her friends, Taylor (Brianna Brown) and Michael Stappord (Brett Cullen).

The Stappords adopt a little girl named Katy (Grecia Merino), who has a weird past and keeps to herself. They go to Marisol for a maid to watch over Katy, and they hire Blanca Alvarez (Naya Rivera.) Blanca is excited to work for the Stappords, but when Michael goes out of town for business, something happens in the Stappords’ houses that Taylor won’t confess to.

Blanca witnesses a crime scene, but Taylor demands Blanca keep it from Michael. When Blanca tries to get to the bottom of the crime that happened in the Stappords’ household , she gets kidnapped and her life is in jeopardy. Later on in the episode, when Evelyn Powell (Rebecca Wisocky) gets her morning paper, she sees a leg in her bushes and passes out, revealing the murder at the Stappords’ is related to the body part.

Carmen is still seeing Sebastien Dussault (Gilles Marini), who is married to Jacklyn (Michelle Hurd), a record label owner. Carmen starts working for the Powells’ as their maid, and things get messy very quickly when Adrian Powell (Tom Irwin) starts asking Carmen for weird favors, such as participating in BDSM (bondage, dominance, submission, masochism), and, in return, he’ll give her anything she wants. Carmen agrees, but later tells Adrian that she refuses to participate anymore. Adrian blackmails Carmen, which leads her to accidently electrocuting him, and he ends up in the hospital. Evelyn finds out again about his dirty little hobby, but comes to an agreement with him. Evelyn pitches the idea that if they can adopt a child, she will stay with him.

The relationship between Zoila and Genevieve Delatour (Susan Lucci) is tested during this season. Javier and Zoila end up getting married, but Javier ends up leaving her because Zoila finds out Pablo is the father instead of him. Genevieve lets Zoila stay in her house, since Valentina Diaz (Edy Ganem) moved away with her boyfriend, Remi Delatour (Drew Van Acker).

Genevieve starts dating Dr. Christopher Neff (John O’Hurley), and Zoila doesn’t approve because she feels Genevieve is forgetting about her. Dr. Neff thinks that Zoila is trying to get rid of him, so he gets Genevieve to make Zoila move out. This causes an argument between the best friends, but finally Genevieve comes to her senses. She leaves Dr. Neff and begs Zoila to come back and go to couples therapy with her. Zoila agrees, but they get stuck in an elevator while Zoila goes into labor. They both get out eventually, and they go to the hospital right away. But during the season finale, there are some complications with the birth of the baby, and Genevieve has to make a choice.

Rosie tries to get to the bottom of the murder in the Stappords’ house when she is hired by them after Blanca gets kidnapped. Along the way, she finds out Ernesto (Cristian de la Fuente), her ex-husband, isn’t dead. He drops in on Rosie and Spence, which causes Rosie to choose Ernesto over him. Later, Ernesto is seen working for the cartel, and they threaten his life and Rosie’s if he doesn’t come back to Mexico. While Ernesto visits Rosie at her job, he notices Katy and realizes the cartel has been looking for her for a while. So, he makes a proposal to the cartel, offering Katy for his and his family’s life.

“Devious Maids” ended its third season on Aug. 24, and fans have already demanded a fourth season. The producers have said they are trying to do everything they can to push another season.

The season finale did not disappoint, and once again it ended with cliffhangers that must be answered. I honestly think this has been the best season for “Devious Maids” so far. If they do get renewed for another season (crossing my fingers), it will be very hard to top it.


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