New athletic trainer excited for environment at SPC

by: JOSHUA RAMIREZ/Sports Editor 

Suzy Ghattas comes to South Plains College hoping to make an impact this semester, as the new assistant athletic trainer.

Ghattas, who is originally from California, attended the University of California at Los Angeles, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences.

After earning her degree from UCLA, Ghattas traveled to Texas, where she attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

Ghattas earned her master’s degree in athletic training at TTU, and says from that point there was not turning back.

“I just fell in love with working at the community college level,” said Ghattas. “I know that was what I wanted to do after I graduated.”

Ghattas says that upon arriving at SPC, she was very impressed by the ground work that has been layed in the athletic program.

“I was really impressed with the record the athletic program has here,” said Ghattas. “I took a tour and saw the Dome. When I was at my community college, we didn’t have anything this impressive. I was really impressed, and I was really excited to be a part of it.”

Suzy Ghattas recently hired as the new assistant trainer.                   JOSHUA RAMIREZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

Ghattas comes to SPC with prior experience at the community college level, as she served as an intern at Rio Hondo Community College in California before attending TTU.

“I worked there for about two years,” said Ghattas. “They had about 16 sports. They didn’t have rodeo, which I’m pretty excited about. That is going to be fun to work.”

Another perk Ghattas says she is looking forward to at the community college level is the freedom to work with multiple sports and athletes.

“I really enjoy working with more than one sport,” Ghattas explained. “The community college level really lets you do that. It’s and environment I really enjoy.”

Putting an individual’s health in your hands can be an overwhelming experience.

However, Ghattas says that it comes with the territory. Having confidence in her own abilities is what allows her to take an athlete’s well being into her hands.

“I enjoy it because I trust my abilities,” Ghatas said. “I’ve gone to school for a long time. I know that I can take care of the athletes, and help them anyway that they need.”

Along with the opportunities that come naturally with being an athletic trainer, Ghattas says she enjoys the more personal aspect of the job that comes with helping young athletes reach their full potential in sports, as well as everything else.

“It’s about helping an athlete, seeing them grow, and become who they want to be,” said Ghattas. “I have athletes who are coming in, and they’re here trying to find their purpose, and I can help them get to where they want to be. I really enjoy helping, and providing a pathway for the kids to find what they want to do.”

Though she has only been on the Levelland campus a few months, Ghattas says she is more than ready to help the athletes, as well as other students, find out exactly what they want to get out of SPC.

“I really encourage anyone who is interested in the athletic training profession, or even any kind of exercise science, to come in and talk to me or Will,” said Ghattas. “We can help in any way to provide some kind of direction for them so they can do what they want to do.”

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