New recreational activities coordinator to include more events

by:HANNAH NELSON/Staff Writer

Dustin Wimmer is the new recreation activities coordinator at SPC. The recreation coordinator is the director for all the intramural sports, which includes all recreational sports leagues and tournaments that students and faculty at South Plains College can participate in.

Before he came to Levelland to work at South Plains College, Wimmer had been working for the City of Lubbock for a year and a half. In 2006, he enrolled at Texas Tech University for undergraduate and graduate school. Wimmer received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science in 2010 and a master’s degree in Sports Management in 2013.

In the fall of 2013, Wimmer journeyed to the University of Vermont, where he was in charge of intramurals there until May 2014. While attending Texas Tech, Wimmer worked at the Recreational Center on campus throughout his college career. Working at the Recreational Center is what got Wimmer specifically interested in campus recreation and intramural sports.

Dustin Wimmer is the new recreational activities coordinator. BRANDI ORTIZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

“I met a lot of great people over there while working through that system,” Wimmer says, “and I learned a lot about it. It was always a big interest for me to come back to collegiate recreations and contribute to intramural sports programs.”

In his free time, Wimmer enjoys staying active.

“Everything revolves around sports for me, either working out or playing sports throughout the year” says Wimmer. Wimmer also enjoys being involved with all the Texas Tech sports throughout the year.

“I have season tickets for most of the sports going on there, ” Wimmer says. “I watch and keep up with them”.

While at South Plains College, there are many things that Wimmer hopes to accomplish and bring to the Levelland campus.

“I am going to try to get as many students involved and into the intramural sports program as we can” he says.

Wimmer hopes to get as many sports as he can available to all the students at SPC. So far, while he has been at SPC, Wimmer has enjoyed the experience of campus life. He has had many good first impressions of the small campus and all that SPC has to offer.

“I like it so far,” explains Wimmer. “I actually like that it is a smaller campus, and that it is a little more close knit then some of the bigger campuses that I have been on.”

There are many activities that Wimmer directs that are now available for students to participate in.

“We have flag football signups that are going on already, and will go through Sept. 13,” he explains. “In October, we will start signups for four-on-four basketball and volleyball.”  Also, he has plans to offer many individual tournaments throughout the year, including singles tennis, dodge ball, and kickball. To learn more about the recreation activities that Wimmer will be offering for SPC students, go online at to get information and sign up for the activities.

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