Lana Del Rey expresses previous emotional love life through ‘Honeymoon’

by: DARIELLA HERNANDEZ/Editorial Assistant 

American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey recently released a new album based on her previous love life and experiences.

By creating characters who represent her in different scenarios, Lana’s feelings are expressed through her music.

The album, titled “Honeymoon,” consists of 14 new tracks. Like her last two studio albums, “Honeymoon” is a diverse album that incorporates a variety of different moods and feelings, along with the colorful imagery and the classic inspiration drawn from nature that Lana manages to include in all of her music.

Each song has a different feel, and the listener can really explore Lana’s imagination. “Honeymoon” includes bits and pieces of where her inspiration came from as well.

On the album’s title track, “Honeymoon,” which was released a couple of weeks earlier, Lana talks about an ex-lover and their adventures together. She talks about the beauty of loving someone. The title is appropriate since the song is describing the wonderful events that happened in that time of her life.


On the second track, “Music to Watch Boys To,” Lana channels her inner pop star. The song is upbeat and has a fun vibe to it, but still incorporates her low voice, making the song sound like a ballad. The song’s chorus, “playing soft grunge just to soak up the noise…playing my music as I’m watching the boys,” reflects on the character of a girl who is faithful to her men, while her men aren’t faithful to her. Playing music is an escape for the girl from what is going on around her.

On a different note, the third track, titled “Terrence Loves You,” is a slow song that includes powerful lyrics talking about losing herself, along with a special man in her life. Lana sings, “I lost myself when I lost you,” summarizing her feelings about the man leaving. Continuing the song, Lana talks about not changing her significant other and her acceptance of him and the way she is, even if she’s the one who ends up getting hurt.

The seventh track of “Honeymoon” is titled after the 1920s luxurious style, “Art Deco.” In the song, Lana describes a club queen roaming downtown dressed to impress. The character created by Lana is fierce yet keeps to herself. The girl described is fabulous and “has it all,” which is why she is constantly questioned about why she wants more, if she already has everything she needs.

“Salvatore” is the ninth song on “Honeymoon.” With the orchestral introduction and short verses, “Salvatore” easily depicts Lana’s style. The character created in this song is a young woman who is in love with the man she sees as a savior. Idolizing her lover, even though he is a wealthy villain, she takes in all the beautiful things he leads her to. The song has an Italian feel and Italian references.

Overall, “Honeymoon” is an album full of different tunes and melodies. With all of the differences, the album still comes together as an accurate representation of Lana Del Rey’s music and her artistic feel.

I give the album 5 out of 5 stars.

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