Unnecessary games, weak opponents raise debate in NCAA football

by: STEVEN GEHEGAN/Editorial Assistant

The start of the college football season is finally here. That means there will be, and have been many games where schools from the Football Bowl Subdivision playing teams from the Football Championship Subdivision. This needs to stop, for several reason the teams from the top Division do not need to play team from the FCS and lower Divisions.

For one thing, through the first few weeks of college football season, there are lots of games with FBS teams playing FCS teams. No one, outside of the students of that university, wants these games. People do not tune in to watch Texas Tech playing Sam Houston State, or Baylor playing Lamar, or Oregon playing Eastern Washington, just to name a few. People want to see matchup from schools that play in the South Eastern Conference and the Pacific-12 Conference. These FCS and FBS matchup keep all of the big games to a minimum to just a few and not as much as there should be. If more school want more people to show up to the games then they will stop with these matchups. There are over 120 FBS, and not all teams are as good as each other. There can still be matchup were the power five schools are guaranteed a win.

There is also no upside to playing these games. Any school from the FBS is expected to beat any team for the FBS, so when a FBS team wins it does not mean anything. The teams from the FBS are expected to win by 30 or more points depending on the teams that are playing. Then when the teams from the FBS barely win their game against the FCS teams, then people are going start questioning if that team is as good as people thought. Auburn needed overtime to beat Jacksonville State in Auburn home stadium. When a time as highly rated as Auburn barley beat a team from the FCS, it can cause a major fall in the Associated Press Poll. Then if a team for the FBS actually lose to a team from the FCS than it can end a team’s season. Over the last few years there has been a number of team losing to FCS schools, keeping these teams from reaching the championship game. There is just no upside to playing an FCS team because you are suppose to win and can not lose.

Then there is the College Football Playoff Committee, which put lots of emphasis on FBS team’s strength of schedule. The committee also uses the eye test to rank the teams that should be in college football playoffs. Then when some team strength of schedule is lower than other teams, such as Baylor and Ohio State, there look at which team played an FCS and which did not. As long as there is going to be a four team college football playoffs there will be not need to play an FCS team. Just keep playing FBS school against each other for a better college football season.

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