English soccer clubs struggle in top European competition

by: NICK ALVARADO/Editorial Assistant 

The most dominant English teams in Europe know the Barclays Premier League as the toughest soccer league in the world and call it home.

With their dominance in tough competition, the country coefficient ranking has risen to number three in Europe. The country coefficient is a ranking system based on a team’s performance in European competition. The better their progress is, the more points they receive for their ranking.

The top three in Europe earn four Champions League spots in their respective leagues of Spain, England and Germany. Now with the struggle of England in these premier competitions, their four Champions League spots are in danger.

With England slipping in the competitions, Italy is now on the hunt to take England in the coefficient rankings and gain Champions League spots, in their respective league, since the Italian league only has the top three teams advance. This has many English soccer fans raising their eyes, since they always are known for having four teams in the Champions League.

The lone English team to earn a victory on Sept. 30 was Manchester United, as they defeated Wolfsburg 2-1 in Champions League play so far this season.


For Italian soccer fans, they rejoice as their league is on the rise after being down in the country coefficient ranking. With Italian-powerhouse Juventus being crowned Champions League runner-up last season, Italian soccer is on the rise and more well-known players are transferring to clubs in Italy,  due to more playing time and the money. These transfers are making the teams tough as competition revs up in the league.

Italian League fans are also enjoying their league, since the league is also known for having the best referees in the world as well and is starting to see more world-class players in this league now.

Arsenal, defending league champions Chelsea and Manchester City are all winless in this Champions League campaign. Tottenham got a win on Oct. 1 against FC Sion, out of Switzerland. Historic club Liverpool has drawn their last match against Bordeaux, club located in France, and drew FC Sion 1-1 on Oct. 1.

With England slipping in the coefficient rankings, England will be hurting if teams continue their poor form in premier competitions in soccer. For Italy, more money will be brought in from clubs such as AS Roma, AC Milan, Lazio and Napoli. More well-known managers are also moving to manage a team in Italy and plan to stay there for a long time. England needs fewer older players in their league and more youth stars, as they are hurting in their style of play.

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