‘Everest’ recounts chilling results of extreme climb

by: JESSICA COX/Staff Writer 

A great movie leaves an impact on its audience. When you leave the theatre still feeling like you’re in the movie ,- that’s when you know.

When leaving an action movie, one might feel indestructible, ready to take on the world. Children will leave the theatre feeling like Spiderman, shooting invisible webs out of their wrists. Or when leaving a horror film, one might rush to the car and lock the doors, having an ominous feeling.

“Everest” was no different. After watching this bold, edge-of -your-seat film, I left the theatre wiping away a tear, with the urge to hug the people I love. It was a great movie that left an impact. The events of this movie are based on a true story, which only enhanced the feeling I had when leaving the theatre.

“Everest” tells the tale of a group of men, and a few women, who ventured to climb Mount Everest in 1996. They each paid thousands of dollars to go on this three -month long journey. Their goal was to reach the summit (the top) of Everest. Most of those brave individuals have already reached six other summits, leaving Everest to be the seventh, and final, summit to reach in the art of mountain climbing. Despite their experience, an extreme snow storm ruins the climb, and not all return.

Real -life characters Rob Hall (played by Jason Clarke), Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin), and Doug Hansen (John Hawkes) are a few, but not all, who climb Mount Everest.

Hall is an admirable character. He is the group leader during the climb, and he is not one to leave a man behind. His pregnant wife, Jan Arnold (Keira Knightley), waits at home for him to return. She tells her husband via a phone call that they’re going to have a baby girl, leaving the audience rooting for Hall to return home safely.



Weathers is very passionate about mountain climbing. During the trek, he partially loses his eyesight, making it impossible for him to finish the climb, and dangerous for him to navigate in the snow storm. His wife (Robin Wright) goes to great lengths to ensure his return.

Lastly, there is Hansen. Hansen is an ordinary guy. In fact, he’s a mailman and a teacher. He doesn’t have a family, or a lot of money. Hansen is climbing Mount Everest because he can. He wants to be an inspiration to his students, showing them that even an ordinary man can do amazing things. His students helped him raise money to go on this journey, and they made him a flag to fly at the summit. Hansen is a respectable character with a big heart.

The ending is unpredictable, but nevertheless, a true story. “Everest” ends with photographs of the real people portrayed in the movie, along with a description of their life now, leaving the audience feeling more attached to the characters than before. This film is a must–see. I give “Everest” a 5 out of 5 stars.

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