Swon Brothers give energetic performance at South Plains Fair

by PAMELA GANDY/Entertainment Editor

The energy and gratitude of The Swon Brothers were undeniable during their performance at The South Plains Fair.

Zach and Colton Swon gave the audience a fun and exciting performance at the Fair Park Coliseum on Sept. 28.

The Swon Brothers first started to gain musical success when they competed on season four of the NBC television show, “The Voice.” The duo finished third in the competition and went on to release their first studio album. Their first single, “Later On,” rose to 13th position on the country music radio airplay charts.

The brothers also received more attention when they were nominated for the CMA Vocal Duo of the Year award in 2014. They also received a nomination this year from the Academy of Country Music for Vocal Duo of the Year.

Their recent musical success and the anticipation of their upcoming album helped attract a large crowd to their concert at The South Plains Fair.

After a brief introduction by Mudflap, of Lubbock’s KLLL 96.3 country radio station, Zach and Colton Swon took the stage, alongside their band.

The audience was extremely excited when they began with the song “Pick up Line.” They continued to sing some of their best songs from their self-titled album, including “Pretty Beautiful” and “This Side of Heaven.”

The Swon Brothers also sang many of the new songs from their unreleased, upcoming album.

“We are writing a lot more for this record,” said Zach.

The Swon Brothers played several songs from their new album, including “Throwback,” “Just Another Girl,” and “Killin’ Me,” which were all well received by the audience.

“Expect more of our heart and soul to come across in every note played,” said Zach.

The “heart and soul” was apparent in their new music. The Swon Brothers included a lot of emotion and energy into the performance of their new songs, which was clear to the audience. The crowd gave them a great deal of applause, and was very excited to hear new songs from the brothers.

In addition to their own music, they played several covers of other popular songs. Some of the crowd favorites were “Stay With Me,” “Turn the Page” and “Life in the Fast Lane.” During the show, Colton shared that he was a fan of Keith Urban growing up. He sang one of Urban’s most popular songs, “Love Somebody Like You,” which the audience sang along with.

The Swon Brothers were extremely interactive with the audience. They maintained a high level of energy throughout the performance, making the show even more enjoyable. They thanked the audience multiple times throughout the performance for their support of their music.

“It’s never a reality until you hear fans singing it back to you,” said Colton. “What an honor from the fans and country radio.”

One of the standout moments of the show was when Zach and Colton thanked all of the military and servicemen present. They dedicated their performance of “Pray for You” to those who serve to protect others.

Throughout the show, The Swon Brothers talked to the audience, sharing personal stories and details of their music. At one point, Colton got down from the stage and ran to the back of the seating area to shake hands with and greet audience members sitting farthest from the stage. Their passion for music and performance was clear throughout the show.

Colton said that his favorite part of performing is “connecting with the audience, whether it’s a stranger or a familiar face.”

Their love for connecting with the audience was apparent throughout the Lubbock concert. They spoke to the audience throughout the show, and gave t-shirts and albums to many audience members during their performance.

Their appreciation to their fans did not stop there, though. After the concert, The Swon Brothers stayed at the venue to sign autographs and speak to all of the concert attendees. They were extremely friendly and thanked everyone multiple times for coming to the show.

The concert lasted for a little more than 90 minutes, and they never once let their energy dwindle. Their musical talent, energy, and constant connection with the audience made for a great concert. This was the type of performance that music fans want to see.

I give The Swon Brothers concert five out of five stars.

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