X Ambassadors impress with energy, upbeat songs

by: CHESANIE BRANTLEY/Editor-in-Chief

Blue, yellow and white lights flash across the faces of eager fans as the X Ambassadors jump across the stage.

Alternative rock band X Ambassadors played at the grounds of the South Plains Fair on Oct. 1 in Lubbock. The members of the X Ambassadors are: Sam Harris, vocalist; Casey Harris, keyboard player; Noah Feldshuh, guitarist; and Adam Levine, drummer.

The band played songs including “Loveless,” “Hang On,” “Love Song Drug Song,” “Fear,” “Litost,” “VHS Outro,” “Unconsolable,” “Jungle,” “Nervous,” and their song that is No. 27 on the top 100 songs chart and featured in a TV commercial, “Renegades.”

The band came out from the right side of the stage and the crowd immediately erupted with excitement. Sam Harris talked about how thrilled the band was to be at the park that night, since both Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley played on the same stage.

Brothers Sam Harris and Casey Harris had an enormous amount of energy throughout the show. The whole time Sam Harris was bouncing back and forth on the stage, even when he was not singing. He was definitely the source of all the energy in the room. I was tired just watching them after the first few songs.

Then, the second he picked up and started playing his saxophone, the crowd erupted again. Also, during the whole show, Casey Harris exaggerated every move he made while playing the keyboard.

On the left side, Feldshuh swayed back and forth until he would have a solo, and then he would step up to center stage and let out all of his energy, like when someone lets the water out of the water hose after pinching it for a while. Still, Sam Harris was in the background jumping around, only stopping once to drink some water before he started singing again.

Lead singer Sam Harris performing at the X Ambassadors concert at Fair Park Coliseum on Oct. 1 in Lubbock. CHESANIE BRANTLEY/Editor-in-Chief

Levine sat at his drums, focused, but even though he did not move like his bandmates, he had a big impact. People throughout the audience bobbed their head to the beat while the rest of the crowd jumped with enthusiasm.

With all of the flashing lights, jumping around and energy on stage, it felt like the whole venue was filled with electricity. Anyone who walked in could immediately feel it.

There was always at least one person in the crowd who was singing along to every song that was played.

Along with all the energy, the musicality of the band was off the charts. Even if someone went into that concert not knowing who the X Ambassadors were, he or she would leave a huge fan.

The upbeat songs could be felt in your pulse it was so loud and in your face. If you were not jumping and dancing at the beginning of their show, you were by the end.

All in all, the X Ambassadors did a great job at the South Plains Fair, and anyone who attended that show would agree. I give their performance four out of five stars.

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