Bowen thrills audience with lively performance

by:SKYLAR HERNANDEZ/Editorial Assistant

Two-stepping, singing, and fun with friends on a Friday night is common when hearing one of Texas’ most famous red dirt music artists live.

Wade Bowen, a Texas Tech alumni from Waco, Texas, came back to rock his college town once again on Oct. 2 at Wild West in Lubbock.

He has been one of the main faces for Texas country music for more than a decade, and he has had multiple number 1 hits.

Bowen, known for his red dirt country music, was a former band member of the band West 84 before leaving to embark on his solo career.

His first album was released in 2002 and was a success.

They played at Spring Fest last May with The Randy Rogers Band and got a lot of positive feedback from that. So he made his way back to Lubbock. The two bands have also been on the “Hold My Beer” tour ever since.

The doors opened at 9 p.m, and even though Bowen was not going to be on stage until 11, that didn’t stop people from getting in early to find a good spot.

The anticipation was growing, and so was the crowd. People were getting excited as the clock was getting closer to playing time.

When the band finally came out, the crowd automatically started dancing and cheering. The dance floor was packed, with hardly any room to dance at all.

The band had a set list of nine songs, including, “Saturday Night,” “Sunshine on a Dreamer,” “When I Woke Up Today,” “Songs About Trucks,” “Trouble,” “Standards,” “West Texas Rain,” Honky Tonk Road,” “You Had Me at My Best,” and “Mood Ring.”

“Mood Ring” is one of Bowen’s most popular songs, so when they played it, the crowd was at their loudest. Bowen stopped the music just for the fans to sing, and not one person was sitting still.

Of course, people were excited to hear “West Texas Rain,” another one of his most popular songs. The crowd was swaying back and forth and singing as loud as they could, with the band leading the chorus.

The crowd was still excited after the concert was supposedly over, so they chanted for “one more song.” Bowen came back on stage and sang some George Strait classics.

Having been touring all around the nation, Bowen was happy and excited to be performing in his old college town. Not one person left the club disappointed that night.

Bowen has made quite an impact at Wild West with people of all ages. The college scene has always had positive vibes when it comes to Bowen and his music. Lubbock has not heard the last of him this year, and for many years to come.

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