Spirited student finds peace through performing classic rock


Vibrant. Hippie. Peace. Love. Rock ‘n’ roll.

Kindle Hunt is unique and noticeably different than the rest. She puts flowers in her hair and lets her spirit run wild.

In the pursuit of her passion, Hunt has enrolled in the commercial music program at South Plains College.

Hunt grew up in Pampa, Texas, attending Pampa High School.

She has always had a love for music.

“I began singing when I was 5 years old,” Hunt said. “I would always carry around a Barbie microphone and sing into it.”


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Photos courtesy of Kindle Hunt 

As a little girl, Hunt remembers starring in many musicals and plays. Through the years, she hasn’t stopped performing. She continues to post covers of songs on her YouTube channel, practice her skills, and perform in local bars and venues.

“I have just recently started getting out in Lubbock,” Hunt explains. “But I have already made many connections just from networking at SPC and in Lubbock.”

Hunt has performed many times in Lubbock at places such as the Funky Door and Jake’s Back Room.

“I love performing at venues like that because the people are of an older age and can relate to the music that inspires me,” Hunt said.

The music that inspires Hunt is not contemporary or today’s popular music. She loves classic rock, with inspirations such as The Beatles, John Fogerty, Steven Tyler, and Stevie Nicks.

“They are legends!” Hunt exclaimed. “They inspire me to make legendary music like theirs daily.”

Hunt says the biggest influence in her life and her music, whether that is in songwriting or just the style she is trying to achieve, would be the 1969 music festival, Woodstock.

For Hunt, making music isn’t about the fame. She says if it were to happen though, she would be extremely blessed.

Hunt says that she has never really fit into a crowd because she is different. She dresses differently, wears her hair differently, does things just a bit out of the norm. But she doesn’t care about what people think of her while doing it.

“I think that my personality and how I go about myself is what sets me apart from ‘the crowd,” Hunt explains. “It has never been about being popular to me. It has strictly been about being nice to people, and to love on someone that needs it.”

Looking at her style and listening to her musical voice, Hunt is similar to Stevie Nicks. They both dress “Bohemian,” or Hippy-like.

“If I get told I sound similar to somebody, it is usually Stevie Nicks,” Hunt said. “And that is so awesome, because her music is amazing!”

Hunt has performed live many times and describes the experience as “a crazy feeling with mixed emotions going through your head.” She gets a surge of adrenaline, especially if the crowd is larger in size.


“When I start to sing, it is something that I cannot even explain,” Hunt describes. “I just take in every moment, because if I could have a feeling last forever, it would be the feeling when I step on stage.”

Her voice is soothing and melodic. When she is singing, it is easy to tell she is putting her heart into her voice to project the emotions of the song.

Her music sets the audience’s mind into a world of soul-bending color. Her movements follow along with the varying pitches of the song, putting the listener in a trance that keeps one under the spell of her performance.

Hunt says that she has two favorite songs that she loves to sing.

“They are covers,” Hunt said. “But I make them my own, because I add my own style to it.”

The first song that she loves to cover is “Me and Bobby McGee,” by Janis Joplin. She says the song is so great, and that Joplin was a legend who performed at Woodstock.

“How much groovier can ya get!?” Hunt exclaims.

The second song is “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes.

“If you listen to that song and really pay attention to the words,” Hunt says, “it has a great meaning and is a very beautiful piece of music.”

Hunt is an enthusiastic, positive, and out-going individual. Every day, she is smiling and lives by her words, “peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

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