Epps contributes to student success

by: TAYLOR ZARBANO/Staff Writer

Many of the faculty and staff at South Plains College are very passionate about their jobs and put everything they’ve got into what they do.

Ann Epps, the director of student life, is the perfect example of a passionate staff member at SPC.

Epps has worked for SPC for about two and a half years. She does all the planning, facilitating, and promoting of effective programs that help to contribute to student success.

“It’s also working collaboratively with other departments, outside vendors, and the local community residents,” says Epps.

When asked about what she loves about her job, Epps replied, “I really enjoy working with the students. It’s very enriching to watch how their lives are being transformed right before your eyes, and to be a part of that is very satisfying.”

She went on to say that her favorite part of her job, the part she is most passionate about, is working with the students personally, as well as getting the chance to see them develop during their time at SPC.

Although Epps loves her job, she would make changes if she could.

Miss Ann1
Ann Epps at the Student Center on Oct. 27. JAYCEE CALDWELL/PLAINSMAN PRESS

“If I could add anything to the Student Life Department, it would be to host professional development workshops for students that will help promote their growth, both personally and professionally,” says Epps.

But the change doesn’t end there. She added that she would have a window in her office to see the “ever-changing West Texas weather.”

Before working for SPC, Epps worked as a supervisor at United Postal Services, and at one point she served as an agent coordinator/trainer at a real estate company.

Epps was a residence hall director at SPC for about a year and a half.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Shorter University, as well as her master’s degree in Professional Studies in Education and Leadership from Capella University. She is currently working on her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Management.

She attended Shorter University, Grand Canyon University, and Capella University, where she put her talents of writing, detail orientation, training, communication skills, organization skills, and being humorous to the test.

Each talent has brought her where she is today. She can use each talent in her job, even the talent of being humorous, to brighten anyone’s day.

When asked about when she knew what she wanted to do for her future, she replied with, “I knew I wanted to major in education after I received my bachelor’s degree,” says Epps. I just didn’t know in what capacity. I became interested in higher education when I became a residence hall director.”

In her younger years, Epps enjoyed being involved in Girl Scouts, sewing, swimming, reading, and bowling.

She was born and raised as an only child in Central Florida, “where the grass is a rich green, horses have million-dollar stables,” says Epps.

“I was about an hour and a half away from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico,” she added.

In high school, Epps met her husband Rodney, and they have now been married for 30 years. The couple has four children.

Some of Epps’ favorite things to do in her spare time include reading, trying new recipes, watching HGTV, and traveling with her husband.

By working at SPC, Epps has been able to experience many different things, giving her wisdom to share with SPC students.

Epps says that in order to succeed, you need to “Value your education and invest in yourself. Take advantage of this time to become the most amazing version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Always continue with personal development, and never stop learning.”

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