Standardized tests put undue pressure on students

by: :LINDSEY BLACKWOOD/Staff Writer 

Kids are under too much pressure when it comes to standardized testing.

That’s what teachers and schools are more focused on.  Rather than teaching the students, that’s all the teachers seem to be focused on, are those tests.

I remember all throughout high school, all my teachers only taught toward a

standardized test. They didn’t really seem to care whether or not we took something from the class itself. Just as long as the students passed that test, they were OK. I remember always being so stressed out about these standardized tests and whether I would pass them. I don’t actually remember learning anything in high school.

Once I got into college, it was a complete shock. High school never prepared me for anything in college. I actually had to study. The professors actually care about whether or not you learn something. That was something completely unexpected. High school was just all about passing a standardized test.

I feel that kids are under a lot more pressure now when it comes to passing a standardized test. It’s like that test determines their whole future, whether they are smart enough or not.

Standardized tests shouldn’t determine any of that.

Yes, I feel that standardized testing is necessary, but not at this excessive rate. It makes me sad that kids now feel that they aren’t good enough because of these tests.

Teachers need to actually focus on teaching the students and making sure that the students understand the material. Schools don’t prepare students for what lies ahead, whether they want to go to college or whatever they may do.

Schools need to do a better job of preparing students for college and actually picking up good study habits for the future. Schools need to do a better job of making sure that students are getting an education, and not focusing so much on standardized testing. The stress they put on students isn’t good. Students don’t learn anything if you just stress them out like that.

I think that if schools laid off a bit, or a lot, when it came to standardized testing, students would do a lot better than they do now. It is sad that students don’t get anything out of high school. All they remember is how stressed out they were and how many standardized tests they had to take.

Kids don’t need to have memories like that. They should have a lot better memories than being so stressed out. Students have the rest of their lives for that!

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