Albus aims for students success through teaching career

by: DARIELLA HERNANDEZ/Editorial Assistant 

For some people, finding the right career can be as much of a rough process as it could be an unexpected decision.

Karol Albus, an instructor in mathematics at South Plains College, was born in Slaton, Texas, and was on the road to becoming a home economics teacher up until she started attending SPC.

“I came to South Plains College and my first college course was College Algebra at 7:30 a.m.,” explained Albus. “The professor talked me into becoming a math teacher instead of a home ec teacher.”

After getting her associate’s degree at SPC, she went on to attend Texas Tech University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. She then started teaching in public schools.

Albus taught at Estacado High School for a while and also taught at Levelland High School.

“During that time [teaching at LHS] I got married,” recalls Albus. “I had two children and resigned to stay at home.”

Karol Albus, instructor in mathematics at SPC. BRANDI ORTIZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

During her year off, Albus decided to go back to teaching as well as studying.

“I taught at night for SPC and finished my master’s in math at Texas Tech,” said Albus.

Albus continued teaching up until she had to relocate.

“My husband lost a crop,” she explained. “Then I went back to work at Ropes, Levelland Junior High, and finally got to Whitharral, where I spent the last 20 years of my public school teaching. During that time, I added two more kids.”

During her years teaching at Whitharral, Albus made the most out of her teaching experience.

“I wore many hats at Whitharral,” said Albus, “including debate coach.  I am a 4-H adult leader and have taught plenty of kids to cook, sew and do speaking events.”

“I think I just enjoy watching people feel accomplished when they learn something, especially if it’s something difficult,” she adds.

Albus loves teaching and watching her students learn.

“I love to teach,” she says, “especially math, because it is something most people are afraid of or have had a bad experience.”

Albus now teaches algebra at SPC. She teaches courses from beginning algebra up to trigonometry and uses the same successful teaching methods in all her classes.

“If I can get their fear under control and start showing them how the pieces fit together, it is a wonderful feeling,” explains Albus. “I enjoy giving people skills so they can continue in their education with confidence.”

Albus says she strongly believes that no matter where you come from, you can be successful. She speaks for herself and her four kids who are attending or have attended TTU.

“Smalltown kids should not feel intimidated by college,” Albus said. “It can be done.” said Albus.

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