High School football team punished for illegal use of video recording

by NICK ALVARADO/Editorial Assistant

A high school in Corpus Christi is making statewide headlines after being forced to surrender a football game due to a student illegally using a video device for reviewing plays during a game between Corpus Christi King and San Antonio Southwest.

Richard M. King High School, formally known as Corpus Christi King, defeated San Antonio Southwest 42-3 in a district match-up on Oct. 8. This marks the second high school that had to forfeit a game in the state of Texas that involves illegal activity from coaches.

With this change in the result, the King Mustangs and San Antonio Southwest are in a three-way tie for second place with a 2-2 district record on the season.

Richard M. King High School and the Corpus Christi Independent School District found out on Oct. 21, and the school self-reported it to the District 28-6A Executive Committee. They issued a public reprimand on King’s head coach, Eddie Hesseltine, despite the committee not having the discretion to reprimand a coach.

The regulations on using video in Texas, which are the same rules that are used in college, is that you can use video and other electronic devices for recording purposes, but cannot use the recordings during a game to aid a team.

Sulphur Springs High School had to forfeit their game on Sept. 4 against Sherman due to an ineligible player playing. The final score was 20-17, with a victory to Sulphur Springs. The head coach of Sulphur Springs, Greg Owens, took full responsibility for the incident and notified the University Interscholastic League. It is not known what actions the UIL took regarding this incident.

The decision by the District Committee is not certain, while the UIL Executive Committee is scheduled to meet on Nov. 11, according to the media coordinator of the UIL, Kate Hector. The athletic director for Corpus Christi Independent School District, Brenda Marshall, was unsure if King High School would appeal the decision.

Miscommunication is bound to happen between school administrators and coaches. However, coaches are starting to be unaware about their surroundings during a game on Friday night as to what other coaches are doing on the sidelines and what players are eligible or ineligible to play. Coaches should be more aware of their surroundings on the sideline, with assistant coaches talking to players about what adjustment should be made during the game. More unknown activity is taking place and resulting in teams forfeiting a game due to no one being aware of the happenings on the sidelines.

Also, schools districts across the state have numerous ways to communicate a problem to the coach, whether it’s a disciplinary action, problems with grades, or other troubles. School administrators should be communicating more with the athletic director so these kinds of problems are less likely to happen.

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