New mystery series for kids headed for theater

by: MALLORY CARVER/Feature Editor

Everyone can remember his or her favorite childhood stories.

Many remember spending countless hours reading or watching “Harry Potter” or “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Children today may grow up reading “Knox Chase on the Case: A Valentine’s Day Mystery,”

Author and producer of this upcoming story, Adam Lipsius, says he is ecstatic to present his masterpiece to the public at last.

Lipsius grew up in Rockville, Maryland, where he attended and graduated from high school.

From there, he attended Dartmouth University, where he majored in English and wrote his first published work, “The Birth of Dr.Seuss.”

He married and had two children after college. The Lipsius family then moved to Denver, CO, where they still live. His children are Dorothy, age 9, and Eli, age 7.

Roughly nine years ago, Lipsius began imagining the main character of his book, KC Green. He began writing the story, imagining a character that had access to all sorts of technology. As he added more cutting-edge technology, he says he stopped loving the character that he had dreamed up.

Adam Lipsius
Photo courtesy of Adam Lipsius

“I sort of drenched the heart out of it in the effort to make it hipper,” says Lipsius.

Frustrated, Lipsius put off finishing the book and soon became sidetracked with directing a movie called “16Love.” He wrote various other screenplays through the years, and nearly forgot about “Knox Chase on the Case.”

After his success in the film industry, Lipsius returned to his project of KC Green. Instead of starting where he left off, he says he forced himself to start from scratch. As he re-read his initial ideas, he discovered that he loved what he had started out with.

“Knox Chase on the Case: A Valentine’s Day Mystery” tells the story of 11-year old KC Green, who’s the son of an FBI agent. His hero is a fictional character, Knox Chase, who is a tough and awe-inspiring investigator. Throughout the story, Knox Chase visits KC Green to offer help, but only KC can see him. The two loyal sidekicks of the story are KC Green’s very best friend, Ben, and the girl he admires, Cat.

“KC Green is a wanna-be detective,” Lipsius says. “He also has a huge crush on a girl—and that’s where the story begins.”

Young readers are sure to enjoy the story that Lipsius has created. Before the book is on the shelves of bookstores, it has been decided that “Knox Chase on the Case,” will be made into a film. Lipsius says he hopes to start filming in the summer of 2016, and they are looking for young actors for the parts.

There will be a nation-wide contest starting on Feb. 11. Children looking to be on camera will be required to submit a video audition through Three actors or actresses will be chosen to appear in the movie. Lipsius says that he is hoping to fill some main roles too, including some of the roles of adult characters.

Lipisus says he is excited to see where his creation goes from here. He is almost certain that he will write sequels to “Knox Chase on the Case: A Valentine’s Day Mystery.” There are two different directions that he could go, and he says that he isn’t certain which he will end up choosing.

Readers who are looking to enjoy a good mystery should look for Lipsius’ story on shelves after Feb. 11.

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