Mankin credits time at SPC for personal success

by:MARCELLA IVINS/Staff Writer

[Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing project in conjuction with the South Plains College Alumni Association. The project highlights former SPC students and their achievements.]

Kaitlyn Mankin says earning her degree from South Plains College has helped put her ahead when applying for job positions

Mankin is currently working full time at Vision Therapy in Lubbock. She explained that her job is very rewarding.

“I work with kids who have learning-related issues,” she adds. “We work out the muscles in their eyes so they can read and see better.”

This happens to be the perfect job for Mankin, as she explained. She says that she has a passion for helping others.

“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with children in a one-on-one setting,” said Mankin.”It has helped me to realize that when I am (finally) a nurse, I want to go in to pediatrics.”

Mankin graduated from Frenship High School in Wolforth, then came to SPC as a Nursing major in the fall of 2010. She later switched to advertising, completeing her degree in December of 2012. She says that receiving her Associate of Arts degree has really provided many opportunities.

Mankin is married to her best friend, and they have four dogs. Her husband owns Crossfit Wild West. He is more involved with the program, but she has participated as well. She says it has changed her life and helped her make better choices when it comes to being healthy.

Kaitlyn Mankin, alum, enjoyed her time as a student at SPC. RILEY GOLDEN/PLAINSMAN PRESS

Although Mankin majored in Advertising while at SPC, she has switched back to nursing. She is currently applying to nursing school. Both of her parents work in the medical field as well, which is part of the reason she is pursuing nursing.

Mankin will be able to continue to help others if she does go to nursing school, which is her current plan.

“My mom is an RN, and my step-father is a nurse practioner,” Mankin said. “So growing up in a ‘medical’ household helped me feel comfortable in the medical realm. I really have a passion for helping people when they are going through hard times, whether it be health or other issues.”

The Lubbock resident says that her favorite thing about attending SPC was being on the staff of the Plainsman Press, the campus newspaper.

“Aside from being on the staff (newspaper), the one thing that stood out to me as a student was the environment on campus,” recalls Mankin. “I loved that I was able to have a relationship with my professors! They knew who I was when I walked in to class and helped me with my questions that I had right then and there.”

Although she did not end up with a nursing degree at SPC, she is thankful for the experiences and job she currently has.

“The associate’s degree that I attained at SPC has put me ahead in several job positions, and my relationship with my professors has certainly opened doors for me as well,” Mankin explains. “The smaller class sizes made it so much easier to learn and get engaged in the courses I was taking.”

Mankin encourages current SPC students to take advantage of the opportunites.

“The decisions that you make today are forming your future,” she said. “Take school seriously, because it is SUCH a privilege!”

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