Manning faces question about retirement after winning Super Bowl

by: DOMINICK PUENTE/Staff Writer 

Peyton Manning has been known as a one of the greatest quarterbacks to play in the NFL.

As the 2015-2016 football season got underway, many sports fans and analysts began to question Manning’s athletic abilities, due to the multiple injuries he suffered throughout the duration of his career.

Manning began the season with many people having high hopes that he was going to lead the charge for the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl. However, he faced multiple injuries in the beginning stages of season.

As the Broncos quarterback faced foot and throwing arm injuries, the question of Manning playing in the NFL after the season came to the surface of the sports world. Head Coach Gary Kubiak put the quarterback on injured reserve until Manning was 100 percent ready to become the starter again.

Backup quarterback Brock Osweiler took over the head quarterback job and was able to lead the Broncos to multiple impressive wins through the thick of their schedule. As reports surfaced of deeper problems regarding Manning’s injuries, the skepticism of sports analysts grew stronger.

With the aging process, recovering from injuries can become more difficult, but it is not impossible. Many athletes have ended their careers due to severe injuries in sports. But there are a small number of athletes who return after extensive injuries.

After spending multiple weeks on the bench, Manning and the Broncos entered the NFC Championship game with what seemed to be a somewhat solid win.

As the game began, Osweiler was able to make it through the first half of the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it proved to be an overwhelming task for the young quarterback. In the second half of the game, Manning was put in the game to take charge of the helm for the Broncos.

Manning’s play was exceedingly exceptional in the second half, leading his fellow teammates to a convincing 23-16 victory against the Steelers. In the post-game press conference, Coach Kubiak announced that Manning would be the Broncos’ starting quarterback throughout the duration of their playoff run.


This obviously proved to be the best decision the Broncos staff made, as Manning led his team to a Super Bowl victory against the Carolina Panthers. This supports my opinion that Manning should have no problem competing in the NFL in the future, if that is his decision to do so. No one has the exact answer to what the Broncos quarterback wants to do, but I am confident that Manning could withstand the punishment of the game, along with the obstacles and adversity he could face.

Manning is the oldest quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl win. Along with being one of the oldest players in the league, Peyton has undergone multiple surgeries, and many people had wondered if he was going to throw in the towel then. But he did not.

Manning retiring at this point in his career would be a big event in the sports world. However, no one knows if he is willing the hang up his cleats and leave the sport he loves. I believe Peyton will stay in the league for at least another year.

If he does stay in the NFL, Manning could possibly be quarterbacking for another team. But many speculations find him staying with the Broncos for the duration of his career. For a person to leave something he or she loves dearly is a difficult decision. For Manning, many family members and teammates have explained he has a love for football that cannot be compared. If a bond is that strong, playing a sport until someone cannot physically play it anymore would be a sutible solution to the rumors.

Manning leaving the league is very unlikely in my mind, and I firmly see him keeping his talents in Denver. Money is not one of his reason for staying in the NFL. It is purely the thoughts of his family and the love of the game that could keep him playing.

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