Customer service disappoints at recent event

by JENNY GARZA/Entertainment Editor

When working in jobs that involve working with hundreds of people, a person can sometimes be frustrated.

Fairly recently, I went to an event I had to cover for the paper. I had called ahead to ask for more information, as well as ask if I would be able to take my SLR camera into the event to take photos. I do understand that there are some events that do not allow this.

I also asked if I could take pictures at the event because I was covering it and paying for my way in. They told me, yes, I could. But the story changed when I got to the event.

Long story short, when I got there, they were sending me to several different people, telling me that I had to talk to managers about taking my camera. But they did not know what was happening or how they should be helping people.

I was told that they would not allow me to take pictures at the event, even after I told them that I had received permission from someone I had to talked to earlier in the day.


But this is not the big problem I had. When working in a job where you must inform customers or guests about what they need to do or not do, I believe you must first be informed of what you must tell people. This event’s personnel were not organized, or at least they showed that they did not know what they should be doing in certain situations.

When attending events, I always assume that they are not only looking out for the  event but also for the people who are paying money to see this event.

When I was asking questions, some of the people who spoke to me did not know what they needed to tell me, but they were nice. When talking to the people who were supposed to be able to help, I tended to get a rude vibe from them that they did not want to waste time on either helping me out or telling me what I could do instead.


I believe that people should be kind and helpful to customers, as well as be informed about the events and the things you can or cannot do. Also, when people hear what I am doing there, their mood changes because I am part of the press and  it will end badly for them.

But  it can also be good for them, because it can get them publicity so that the next time they do an event it will allow for more people to hear about them. So, yes, I am displeased because there was so many things that I noticed about how the press can be treated, or how customers are sometimes given the run-around that does not help the person.

I hope that one day that people will take their jobs seriously, or if a person needs help they all can be shown a better way of being treated, or be allowed to do the thing they love doing and take pictures of events that could be a big story for them or their publication.

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