Success of UCONN women potentially impacting viewership

by NICK ALVARADO//Editorial Assistant

The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team has won their fourth consecutive national title with no surprise this season, with blowouts in both games in the NCAA Final Four.

Many people who have watched this dominance by the Lady Huskies have been amazed at how the games are ending in blowouts.

No other team was able to get closer to UCONN than 20 points, though the University of Texas lost to UCONN by 21 points.

With the dominance of the Lady Huskies, some are questioning whether the women’s basketball television audience and the competitive edge of the other teams is dwindling.

It seems like every year, UCONN wins a national title in women’s basketball. Currently, UCONN has won seven national titles. Their workouts are intense, and the players are pushed to their limits.

The TV audience has been up by about 36 percent, according to ESPN, in women’s college hoops when a regular-season game is featured. But crowning the same team a national champion can be mundane.

If you have the same team winning the tournament, most likely the viewership will go down, since people will already know the outcome of the tournament. In this case, fans will know UCONN could win the national title next year and maybe the year after next. Money is a big part of sports, and this could lead to economic issues in the future.

Teams are hyped that they get the opportunity to play the best teams in the country. Teams can also be overwhelmed by their opponent as well. The competitive edge could also be lost in games UCONN plays due to the fact that they are blowing out teams by 30 points or more. This could be an intimidating factor for other teams because of how good UCONN plays. The opponent could be hurt by that as well.

With the blowouts that UCONN is handing out, the schedule strength is also in doubt during the season. While the strength of the schedule is in doubt, they eventually get a number one seed when it comes to tournament time due to the gameplay and their current form.

With UCONN being one of the few women’s teams that are televised on a national network such as ESPN, it hurts the TV audience when there is a blowout almost every game they play during the season. Other programs that are on the rise and are playing well during the course of the season should also receive attention on the national stage and receive recognition for the great run they are having. They can get an eye test for being a potential tournament team.

Teams should receive the same amount of attention when it comes to television, instead of a powerhouse program hogging the spotlight.

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