Green excites crowd at Lubbock street dance

by MARCELLA IVINS/Staff Writer

Barriers surround the Depot bars.

Staffs are protecting the entrances and exits, as many people are anxious to reach the front of the long line that is stretching past the Cactus Theatre in Lubbock.

American Aquarium is preparing to perform.  These Texas Country fans are ready for live Texas Country music.

There was a storm on the way, and everyone was aware.

The West Texas wind reminded the fans where they were.  It was predicted that the storm was going to hit Lubbock.  Fortunately, there was only a slight cold wind, and a cloudy sky.  Either way, the event was going to happen, and the gates were opening at 7 p.m., rain or shine.

William Clark Green

The evening of April 15 started off with a few bands that were picked by headliner William Clark Green. Red Shahan, Flatland Cavalry, and American Aquarium were the bands chosen. They kept the crowd entertained and dancing as fans sang along to Flatland Cavalry’s latest song, “February Snow,” and one of their popular songs, “No Shade of Green.”

American Aquarium, a band from Raleigh, North Carolina, performed as Green stood on the side, listening and enjoying the music, while proudly wearing a Texas Tech football Jersey.  After they sang their last song, the crowd yelled for an encore, which did not happen.  It was time for Green, the reason the event was created and the performer everyone was waiting for.

The lights turned off on the stage, and the band began to set up their equipment while American Aquarium packed up.  When the set up was ready, David Wilde of the Red Dirt Rebel introduced Green to begin the show.

During Green’s performance, he talked about the city of Lubbock and his time here.  He gave a shout out to Texas Tech and threw his “Guns UP!”  Green also mentioned memories he made at The Blue Light when he was younger.  He reminisced about Lubbock and the great times that he had here. Green’s career started at The Blue Light. That explained why The Blue Light was the perfect place to have the street dance.

The street dance was successful.  Those who stayed until the last song exited the premises slowly after the event came to an end.  The stage was taken down, all the booths were gone, and the street was clear.   The Depot District was back to its original setting.  Bars were closing, and it was time to call it a night.  Memories were made, along with new friends.


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