Photojournalism student leaves college with memorable experience, friends

by JENNY GARZA//Entertainment Editor

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It was all because of one simple decision.

In the spring semester of last year, I decided to leave the Plainsman Press staff and take a break that whole semester without being on staff. It was  really weird not being on staff and having things to do such as articles and interviewing, and I especially missed being around my friends.

When I decided to come back and work to get my old job back, I was the most excited person because I got to be around the people I enjoyed being around again and work with them again. I also became my advisor’s student assistant.

This happened to be the biggest change for me, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. But we will talk more about this man later.

When I first started at South Plains College, I was shy and very lost. When I first walked in to get my schedule made, I was excited. But I have to say that I didn’t really want to come back. I didn’t think school fit me so well. Well, this advisor I spoke of already was also the first person I came into contact with when coming to SPC. He made arrangements for me to get in the classes I wanted, but he also put me in a class of his, Publications 1.

I knew that it was basically about writing, interviewing, and taking photos, basically what I had done in high school for the Yearbook staff.

On my first day, I walked into CM 130 and I see a girl walking around with no shoes, a girl who seemed very scary and a girl sitting at the table toward the back. She seemed shy, so I made my way to her and plopped myself down. When class began, they started brainstorming stories, and though I was hesitant, I signed up for my first story, which involved the Hopi Tribe.

As semesters have gone by, I have seen friends go on to do things they enjoy, and I have also made some new  friends and got closer to some of my old ones.

I tend to try to make friends and care for the newbies who come into the paper.

One of the first people I did this for is a red-haired girl I call Ariel. Her real name is Nicole, and she is one of the girls I can talk to and laugh about stupid things with, as well as give her a hard time sometimes. She is hilarious, and some of the things she says make me take a second look to make sure she said what she said. I am going to miss this girl when she moves, but I know she will be happy and succeed in all she does.

Next is Miss Ches, my honorary Mexican. This girl I have grown closer to this year while working together, and this girl may think I actually don’t listen to her rant, but I do and she is usually one of the first people I tell my good news to and rant to. She is hilarious and says the most random things and can just make about anyone’s day better with the things she says.

Tovi, my mamas, is a very talented photographer, and I am so proud of her and anything she does. She is sweet and caring for those when they are sick, and she has the greatest smile and laugh. She also is so darn funny with everything she thinks of.

Along the way, I have also met the “Squad,” which includes Brandi, Dariella, Matt, Mallory, and Jonathan. These five individuals are so different, yet they are all good friends. Not very many people find that. Brandi is so funny and says the craziest things to me, and Dar is so adorable and sweet. If anybody messes with her, they are going to have to deal with me. As for Matt and Mallory, I have never seen two people more in sinc. They get each other and are the cutest friends. They remind me a lot of how I was growing up with my best friend. Lastly is mister Jonny. When he first came, I got accused of having a crush on him by Charles. I thought that was hilarious. He is very funny, and can’t hear right for whatever I say. But I am going to miss all these kids, and I hope that they continue enjoying CM 130 as well as give Charlie sass.

Next there is UA. At first when I met this boy, I was intimidated by him. But I soon found out he was just a nice teddy bear. This boy may joke around a lot and say things that you just have to stare at him for, but he is an all-around good person and I am so proud of him in all he has done for himself.

Two of the last people I am going to mention have grown closer to me this semester and I will gladly call my best friends.

I met Sara during the fall semester, and at first I was kind of scared to talk to her because she did seem like she was very confident and would tell you off if she needed to, and I happen to be a very loud and outspoken person now. So I felt like we would clash. This semester, when I came back to class, I found out so much about her, like how she tries to take care of people, and all her little words she uses, such as “sweetie”, and “Oh honey.” There is so much more, and I hope that we continue to be close friends after I leave.

Then there is Nick. When I first met this boy, he was very quiet and kept to himself. Boy did this change. He began talking to me about music, sports, and just about anything that popped into his head. This boy has given me a few surprises in the kind of person he is that I was never expecting, such as how caring he is and how much information he has in his head. Once you do crack him out of his shell, he does not stop talking, which, to me, is great, because I can have a conversation about just anything with him.

Lastly is Charlie. This man has given me so many different opportunities and  pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone. I may be sassy with him, but it’s only to shock him and make him smile. Being his assistant this semester has shown me a different side of Charlie, because I always thought this man just wanted to make my life miserable. But I see now that this was just him pushing me to do right and to finish the things I started. I am going to miss you, Charles, and knowing all the little things and quirks that  you actually mean.

I hope that all the future students who walk down these halls and sits in these chairs enjoy the time they have here. Because, like the old saying says, time goes by fast when you’re having fun.

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