Taylor brings good vibes to Lubbock with concert

by ALEX PEREZ/Staff Writer

Fans were transported to the good ‘ole days with the help of James Taylor.

The crowd roared as the lights went down and Taylor walked onto the illuminated stage at United Supermarkets Arena on April 13th. An electric feeling went throughout the building as he began to play the first song. Lighters were replaced with iPhone’s during the throwback to the ‘70s and the crowd swayed with the music. The first song was an acoustic, light-hearted melody that kicked off the night with a good feeling.

Members of the audience reminisced about the first time they saw Taylor. Some went into detail, including a very excited couple who talked about the beginning of their relationship and going to a James Taylor concert years ago. Another group talked about their crazy teenage stories Taylor reminded them of. The sweet stories really created a nostalgic feel to the night from the beginning. Others just danced their way to their seats, living in the good times.

The first set was a mix of the old and new, including an amazing stage setting, complete with a great light show that illuminated the audience. During the first half of the concert, the audience went on a journey with Taylor as he played his classics and stole the hearts of many once again.

The first-set list included some of the beloved songs such as “Fire and Rain” and “Montana.” The crowd went crazy for their favorites all night long, but the crowd was touched when Taylor played a cover of “Every Day,” a song originally performed by Lubbock’s hometown hero, Buddy Holly.

Taylor’s fans cheered incessantly after and during the beginning of every song, showing their excitement. But once he started playing, the crowd hushed, except for a melodic clap-along during each song in order to really appreciate the music.

James Taylor Concert
Classic Rock singer James Taylor brings back memories at the United Supermarkets Arena on April 13. BRANDI ORTIZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

Right before a short intermission, the outstanding band members were introduced, including a saxophone player who was in the original band for a popular late night talk show, as well as renowned guitarists and soulful backup singers.

After intermission, the crowd roared once again as Taylor came back out for the second half of the show. The good vibes did not cease. Taylor and his band came back at full speed and kept the good times going. He began the second set with “Only a Dream in Rio,” which lead the crowd to sway all the way to “Rio” with Taylor’s great performance.

He ended the show with a cover of the song “How Sweet It Is” by Marvin Gaye. The crowd was astounded by the amazing performance he gave while reliving the good times.

The show brought a happy feeling into United Supermarkets Arena and left the audience with good vibes as they left. All in all, James Taylor came to rock it, and that he did!

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