‘The Boss’ entertains with comedic plot

by JENNY GARZA/Entertainment Editor 

She’s a boss!

Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) was the boss, and a very rich boss at that. All she ever thought was that she would never have a family, and it would be her against the world.

Michelle first appears on the big screen as a young orphan who kept being returned to the orphanage after several families adopted her. As the years pass, she doesn’t care for being adopted anymore and decides she does not need anyone to be successful.

Her life is everything she ever wants it to be. She is successful and has anything she has ever wanted, except being close to people. She can be very rude at times as well as backstabs people.

After a big party she throws about how she got so rich, Michelle is on a rooftop waiting for her helicopter with her assistant Claire (Kristen Bell). An old friend, Renault, (Peter Dinklage), contacts her and has a beef with her about how she stole stock right out from under him. He also knows some secrets that she doesn’t want out.

To get back at her, Ranault calls the authorities and tells them that she is committing insider trading, which is against the law.

Michelle is doing an interview with a TV reporter, Gayle King, and she is trying to lie about her past. But Gayle and her team have found out the truth about her being an orphan. Michelle is angry and storms off the stage with her mic still attached to her.

When she walks outside, she is bombarded by police telling her her rights and cameras are flashing everywhere. She is then put into a SUV after they struggled with her for a little bit, and they just toss her into the back.

She is sentenced to five months in jail, which, for her, is a high-end correction facility that even has a tennis court.

The Boss

Claire visits her there, but only to quit her job because Michelle has no money to pay  her and she needs to take care of her daughter and herself. Five months pass, and Michelle is released from her prison and thrust into the world again all alone.

She has no one to fall back on, because everyone she had in her life that she backstabbed turned their back on her. She turns to the person she thinks she can count on, or at least who happens to have all her stuff, Claire.

She comes to Claire’s house and meets Miss Rachel (Ella Anderson), Claire’s daughter, who has some major spunk and will not let Michelle in because she is a convict and a stranger.

Claire arrives home and doesn’t seem too happy to see her old boss sitting on her doorstep.

Claire decides to put Michelle up for a few days, but a few days turn into weeks. Claire is fed up and tells Michelle she needs to start pulling her weight. Then Michelle gets an idea that she will not let go to waste.

I absolutely loved this movie. Yeah, it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. But this film was funny and stupid at times. McCarthy did an excellent job with the story, as well as with her comedic parts.

Bell and the other actors who starred in this film played right along with McCarthy and fed off of her humor.

Somethings did happen to be cliché in the film, and other viewers may jump ahead of the film and ruin it for you. But what comedy isn’t that way in this day and age? This allowed for the film to be kind of funny and stupid. I advise everyone to see this movie and get ready for some laughs.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars.

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