Trading for top pick in draft could hurt Rams

by STEVEN GEHEGAN/Staff Writer

It seem like history is constantly repeating itself, when one team in the National Football League sells the house for one player, and it never pays off.

The Los Angeles Rams just pulled off one of the biggest moves in NFL draft history, going for the 15 pick to the first overall pick, which was held by the Tennessee Titans.  The Rams only had to give up their first round pick, two second rounds picks, a third round pick and the first and third round pick of the 2017 draft. While the Rams got back the first overall picks, a fourth and sixth rounds draft picks.

While any team would want to get the first pick in the draft giving up 6 drafts picks to only get three back is never a good deal. Most of the NFL productive players are drafted in the first three rounds and the rams gave up six of those pick and only got one back. It won’t work because no matter how good great one player is, he is not better than six good players.

Especially in this year’s draft there is not a player worth giving all of those picks that the Rams gave up. You would expect that the Rams would go after a quarter back if they would want to jump that high, but would it be worth it. When the top choices are Jared Goff from the University of California, Berkeley and Carson Wentz from the North Dakota State University the answer is most likely not. Both Goff and Wentz could turn out to be great NFL quarterbacks, but the math dose not add up in the favor of the Rams. With all of those picks that they gave away they could have added more to their team and found a quarterback in the latter rounds.

But no the new team in Los Angeles wanted to be splashy and are risking a lot for just one player, which might not even be a quarterback. The Rams have yet to come out and say that they want to draft a quarterback, they have hinted that they might choose another player. Which would be a waste of a pick since no one player is greater than what they gave away.

Of all the teams that would do a trade like this would be the Rams. Since they were on the plus side of the trade when Washington moved up to select Robert Griffin, and the Rams received multiple picks for him. Maybe they just forgot about their time in Saint Louis and want what happened to Washington to happen to them.

Selling the team for one player never work out and it seems like the Rams might have to learn that the hard way.

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