Kaepernick should honor flag during national anthem

by DOMINICK PUENTE//Staff Writer

Colin Kaepernick has responded to the troubling times many Americans are facing by sitting down or kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

The quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers first sat down during the national anthem during the third week of the NFL pre-season when the 49’ers played against the Green Bay Packers.

This caused a wide-spread controversy throughout the United States which eventually enraged many people when he explained he will continue to sit during the national anthem until change happens for oppressed citizens in the country.

During an interview, Kaepernick said, “I will not show pride in a pride in a flag or country that oppresses black people, or people of color.”

As he continued on in the interview, the quarterback expressed his dissatisfaction with the events that occurred with the shooting deaths of African Americans by police in different states.

Many people have pushed for more justice for the deaths of the African Americans, along with wanting change to happen to better the lives and communities for African Americans and people of color.

I agree with Kaepernick that change is needed. People should not have to face any type of oppression in the United States, or in any part of the world.

However, Kaepernick claimed that he listened and watched the videos, but I doubt that is enough evidence to explain his actions. Just listening and watching videos in not the way to gather proper information then go and make accusations that stir a lot of emotions from millions of people.

Also, kneeling down or sitting during the national anthem is as disrespectful as can be. I can understand that many people of color want change for the better. Protesting peacefully is anyone’s right. However, disrespecting the hundreds and thousands of soldiers who have fought for us through blood, sweat and tears is no way for someone to protest.
There may be bad things going on with a few people who make terrible decisions. But disrespecting everyone who allowed us to have our rights and civil liberties as Americans is not the answer to gain followers in hopes to changing the way of life for the better.


Kaepernick has received a lot of negative feedback, but has also gained a tremendous amount of support for his idea of bringing change. Since his first sitting, he has the highest selling jersey in the NFL and has chosen to take his profit and put it all toward donations for communities.

Kaepernick is the first person to not only protest, but make some sort of contribution toward any type of change.

A few other athletes have followed his method of peaceful protests. However, I am interested in seeing if any actions are taken by those other players in order to influence positive change.

I think Kaepernick should find another form of protest to help gain even more notoriety to increase his cause for change in order to keep the people at peace, instead of angering many Americans with the way he is going about exercising his rights.

Protesting is not meant to be easy, pretty or a walk in the park. I understand that even though no one can make everyone happy, protesting by kneeling during the national anthem will bring more negative attention than good.

I want to see Kaepernick do more searching for change, along with a more positive way to protest. After all, people who protest are pushing for positive change

People can protest all day and night, but it will not lead to any sort of change if action is not taken by people.

If Kaepernick can manage to get a large group of people to follow his campaign for change, then the chances for ridding the communities of oppression will increase.

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