NCAA still avoiding real issues

by STEVEN GEHEGAN//Editorial Assistant

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has once again proved that it is incapable of doing what is right.

The NCAA is looking into recruiting violations that have taken place at the University of Mississippi, which are alleged to have occurred during the past several years. Several players including, Laremy Tunsil, an ex Ole Miss football player, are alleged to have received improper benefits for attending Ole Miss. What the players are accused of is against the NCAA rules, which are not as bad as what has happened at another university, one that has committed far worse crimes than students receiving gifts for going to a university. These are crimes that the NCAA seems to ignore while they chase student athletes trying to make money.

During the past four years, there has been a cover-up at Baylor University. When any university reports zero NCAA rule infractions, that should raise some eyebrows, and there should be somebody looking into this. The NCAA decided to wait four years to look into Baylor, and only because Baylor took a transfer from Boise State University who had a history of sexual assault. With all of the rules that the NCAA has, they should never let a year go by without reporting any violations.

It would be one thing if the infractions Baylor was covering up were things such as sending too many texts to recruits or wrong tweets. But the way Baylor covered up was far worse. For four years, Baylor has been covering for players who had been accused of crimes such as assault and rape. While it was a problem for the football team, it was more of a campus-wide problem.

Now this may sound similar to what happened at Pennsylvania State University several years ago. So the NCAA should have stopped what it was doing and focused in on Baylor, as it did with Penn State. It has been several months since these reports have come out, and the NCAA has done nothing to Baylor. The only thing that has happened to Baylor is the firing of head coach Art Briles, while the rest of his staff remains. Then, after a great amount of public pressure, the athletic director and chancellor chose to leave their jobs.

So while all of this is going on at Baylor, the NCAA is nowhere to be found. They have been too busy trying to nail Ole Miss. They now offered amnesty to other Southeastern Conference athletes who were recruited by Ole Miss to testify against them, which shows the NCAA is willing to do anything to be able to put sanctions on that program.

It seems that the only things that the NCAA cares about is keeping the student athlete poor, and not the safety of all of the students that attend universities nationwide. By the NCAA not acting quickly on the Baylor case, it shows what the NCAA truly stands for, which is truly sad for all students who attend college.            

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