Nerd Prom gives comic book twist to traditional experience


Any TV Show or movie ever watched is being cosplayed across the world.

Lubbock-Con presented the second annual Comic Con Nerd Prom 2.0 on October 8 at 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. in BackStage Bar at 1711 Texas Ave. Even though the bar is only 21 and up, you don’t have to drink, you can always have fun going dressed up as your favorite character, dress formal, or come as you are.

“We started nerd prom as an event for those who didn’t get to go to prom,” said DeNae Griffith, the Lubbock-Con President. “It is a lot of fun to put together and then get here seeing how much fun those who come have.”

Lubbock-Con has a few partners to help team up and make Nerd Prom just like any high school Prom and like a date night for those who go together as couples. Detail nail art studio offered $5 dollars off of any service for Nerd Prom attendees the week of Nerd Prom. JoDe’s makes boutonnieres, from ones that are already made to ones that are custom made to however you would like, and makes comic roses made out of comic books to buy. Bake My Cake makes cookies and sells them during prom. You can also remember the night by purchasing fan-art paintings from Rony Dixon and some other local artist.

Lubbock-Con hosted their second Nerd Prom on Oct. 8 at Backstage Bar in downtown Lubbock. MICHAELA CHAMBLEE//PLAINSMAN PRESS

“We love to support Lubbock-Con,” said Danielle Rodriguez, Owner of Bake My Cake. “They are our best friends, and we love to be around. It’s a great atmosphere to be in with a lot of great people to be around.”

Last year at Nerd Prom 1.0 hosted around 200 people, and this year the Lubbock-Con expected around 100 people to show up, but of course, a lot of people go into the Depot District, end up walking into BackStage with just a $5 cover fee, and ended up staying.

“Around 100 people is normal,” said Griffith. “but some people just show up randomly, and we end up with a bigger turn out then we expect. Of course, people come and go, and we welcome all to come join.”

Nerd Prom is pretty close to high school prom, from the photo taking at the front door with your friends, music from Jason Norton, dancing, and the crowning of the King and Queen at midnight.

“We have one of the nerdest DJ around,” said Griffith. “Jason has always helped us out with some old school music that really keep this place live.”

Lubbock-Con welcomes everyone to bring out their inner nerd, or just a way to get out and enjoy the night with or without a date. People hear about it throughout the day, from Facebook, friends, and even companies.

“I heard about it while I was getting my hair cut,” said Marina Sage, a Lubbock local. “I didn’t go to Nerd Prom last year, but I love going to Comic Con, so I thought it would be good to get out and meet people, since I really haven’t been out in a while.”

At midnight, Griffith and Alex Saulnier, the Lubbock-Con Cosplay Liason crowned Adam Mulsow and Marisa Dominga De Leon Prom King and Queen. Mulsow and Dominga De Leon cosplayed as Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars.

“They were chosen because they had the best couple cosplay,” said Griffith. “But it was also because they were having fun, dancing, and interacting with everyone around them.”

Maybe you missed this year’s nerd prom, but there will be plenty to attend in the future.

“It’s a community event we plan on offering every year,” said Griffith. “Because it’s an excuse to dress up, and attend a prom even though you aren’t in high school anymore.”

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