Annual Pumpkin Trail fills Lubbock park with carved art pieces

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer

Lubbock and area residents were able to fall into the season with a brief family weekend attraction.

The 8th annual Pumpkin Trail was held on Oct. 13- Oct. 16. However, the Thursday opening was postponed due to the rainy weather that affected the pumpkin lighting. The trail is fit for people of all ages, from kids to adults. 

The event took place at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum inside Clapp Park, with kids and adults enjoying the assortment of carved pumpkins.

The trail was created by hundreds of pumpkins that had been donated. It was put together by many volunteers and sponsors around the area. A few sponsors include the Texas Tech Alumni Association, Garden and Arts Center, and the Star Center Student Organization at South Plains College.

Walking through the trail, you notice that the community is a big influence for the trail. There were many aspects of Lubbock and South Plains culture present throughout the trail.

The trail begins at two different entrances that visitors can choose from. You walk along a trail lined with pumpkins that have been carved out. There were many different designs, ranging from the traditional carved faces to pumpkin carriages, boats, deer heads, and much more.

Many people who donated pumpkins used paint to decorate them. There were pumpkins painted as “Nightmare Before Christmas” characters, animals, and seasonal quotes.

A big part of the Pumpkin Trail was the theme of Texas Tech. There were dozens of pumpkins decked in red and black, and some with double T’s.

All of the pumpkins that lined the trail where donated and created by residents from the surrounding community.

There were also many displays scattered throughout the trail that viewers could enjoy. These displays were customized by the sponsors that support the trail. Most of the displays represented a specific theme. One of the sponsors, The Skin Care Institute, created an IPhone-themed display. They had a cardboard IPhone in the middle of their display surrounded by pumpkins decorated as emoji’s. Another sponsor, Latino Lubbock Monthly Magazine, centered their display on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every pumpkin was painted in bright pink and white ribbons.

The trail was a great attraction for children and adults of all ages. During the day, there were many different families going through looking at all the pumpkins. There were many places where families could stop and take pictures, including wooden cutouts. Children could stick their heads into a variety of wooden cut-out pictures. These cut-outs ranged from Raider Red, the Texas Tech mascot, to Superman. There were also stacks of hay that families, couples, and individuals could use as photo spots.

After 5:30 p.m. each day, the pumpkin lighting begins. A small candle is placed in every pumpkin. The trail becomes lit by the pumpkins. Visitors are able to walk through the trail at dusk, with the pumpkins lighting their way.

Overall, the Pumpkin Trail is a great Lubbock attraction. It brings many aspects of the community together for the fall season.

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