ATV helps musicians grow while making memories

by ALEX PEREZ//Feature Editor

Alterna TV is turning up the intensity with an amazing sound and energy while creating memories at South Plains College.

The student-based group consists of five student members and two instructors. Israel Gonzales, Chase Gibson and Samuel Brown are on vocals, along side guitarists Collin Britt and Davis Draughon, with instructors Sonny Borba on guitar, and Brian Tate on drums.

Don’t get ATV confused with other campus ensembles such as TNL or the Touring ensemble, because they bring something different with a Rock’N Roll twist that turns up the crowd. Although the other ensembles are similar, ATV is more rehearsal based than learning based, according to Gonzales. Once the practice session commences, they focus on the music and the music alone. All members spend countless hours practicing and learning new songs to be ready for the practices to come.

During practices, the band plays a variety of songs for their next show. In a recent practice, they played “Moth Into Flame” by Metallica and “Wish You Were Here” by Incubus and other songs.

ATV recently performed on Sept. 29 at  Tom T. Hall in the Commercial Music Building on the Levelland campus. They energized the crowd with a Rock’ N Roll set that started off with “Crawling in the Dark” by Hoobastank, followed by “You Better Pray” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam. Next up was “Brain Stew” by Green Day, “Jenny” by Nothing More, “Snuff” by Slipknot, as well as “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse. The last songs of the show included another song from Muse, “Stockholm Syndrome.” To leave the crowd with a head banging end, ATV closed with “Hysteria” by Def Leppard, “The Night” by Disturbed and “Let It Die” by Foo Fighters.

ATV is a student ensemble different than any others. During an interview with the Plainsman Press, band members stated that they are dedicated to working hard and dive straight in with a flaming passion for music. The group meets around two to three times a week, practicing for upcoming shows or just to grow themselves as artists.

To become apart of the ATV band, you must be able to play an instrument and have a good attitude, as well as add a great energy to the band. With new band members every semester,  the sound and the songs they perform are varied to create a great portfolio for themselves, as well as create a great show with a variety of sounds.

Picking songs is a process for them, which, as Britt says, they “try to stylistically match it to someone, and then we listen to how hard the parts are, and we go, can we play that?” Once they decide these factors, they dive right in and pass it by advisor and band member, Borba, to have it possibly get put into their first set list of the show.

The second set list is completely up to the student members, and they are given the chance to be free to play the music they all enjoy. During each show, you could hear up to 12 songs from ATV. In their upcoming show, they will be incorporating a small tribute to Incubus, which all members are really excited about.

The band members also have goals for where they want to be after SPC and ATV. Gibson says he would love to be a songwriter and just play music. Both Britt and Draughon have hopes to do what they love, and make a living doing it, as does Gonzales. Brown says he would like to go on mission trips and help others, and at the end, to have a show with a message to leave with people in need.

The band members shared their biggest critiques, which were that some people view musicians as lazy, but in reality it is quite the contrary. Gonzales explains that they are all constantly practicing and putting in countless hours to learn how to create music that will always be in demand.

“It all evens out, because we’re doing something we love,” said Gonzales.

Whether you hear them practicing when you pass through the Creative Arts Building or go to their show, Alterna TV will create high energy throughout every show to boost the crowd up. Their next show is set for Dec. 8. The show is free, just bring energy and get ready to rock out with Alterna TV.

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