Oklahoma native getting accolades for debut album

by ALEX PEREZ//Feature Editor

Sticking to being himself and keeping true to the music that represents his life is what Jared Deck is all about.

Born in Weatherford, Okla., Deck grew up on a small farm with his family. This is where he first discovered his knack for music, especially for blues and country. Just like anybody living in a small town, Deck says he just had to get out and be something more. “The town isn’t big enough for who we think we’re going to be someday,” Deck told Plansman Press in a recent interview.

That is something that resonates with people, and something that was a goal for Deck that he was blessed enough to achieve.

In the past year, Deck has accomplished so many things, such as releasing his first album, titled “Jared Deck.” Deck describes his album as a reflection of his own life and the experiences he has had growing up, as well as the life lessons he has learned along the way.

“This album is a new adventure in my lifetime,” explains Deck.

A new adventure indeed, going from a small town in Oklahoma to performing in big cities and the county music capital, Nashville. With songs such as his first single, “The American Dream,” which won the Woodie Guthrie Song Competition, Deck creates an amazing country album with a blues twist.

Upcoming country artist Jared Deck is now working on his second album. Photo courtesy of Yasmin Shirali

“Completely surprised” was Deck’s response on winning The Woodie Guthrie Song Competition.

During his journey to creating his first album, Deck explains his thought process as he “really wanted to speak to the moment we are all living in, in the United States.” He describes his song list as “songs I wrote for me.”

With his first album getting more attention, major magazines such as “Rolling Stone” and the “American Songwriter Magazine” have interviewed him. Through all of the attention, Deck remains grounded, and he said he believes that the true meaning of making it is to just be better than you were yesterday, to continuously try to be a better you and put your own thoughts out there.

Deck has recently performed at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. He says that he had attended the event in 2015 and loved the experience of  making music and made it a goal of his to be a part of it. When he got offered the opportunity, he was very honored.

“It was something we wanted and worked our tails off for it,” said Deck.

Deck’s musical creations stay true to him and his roots. He does not try to be something he’s not or try to compete with other artists for the limelight. Although he has yet to officially co-write with others, he is open to the idea and said he believes “the best idea wins.” He plans to continue this mentality into the making of his second album. He is currently working with the same producer from the first album, creating a fun experience and “finding the beauty in the process.”

Deck explained that he is a huge Buddy Holly fan and was very excited to perform in his idol’s hometown. On Oct. 22, he performed along side other artists at the Blue Light Bar in Lubbock’s Depot District.

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