S.E.A.R.Ch striving to bring change to campus

by MATT MOLINAR//Opinion Editor

A new student organization at South Plains College is allowing students to express their creative and entrepreneurial ideas.

For about one year, the organization Student Entrepreneurs After Real Change(S.E.A.R.Ch) has been encouraging an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, along with creative thinking, in order to make things better on campus.

“We’re basically an organization on campus that aspires to make changes,” said Timmy Friesen, vice president of S.E.A.R.Ch. “The idea is to question why we do things the way we do in society, and to not just accept the status quo. We ask if there is a better way to do things.”

Currently, students are working on a project that will help reduce the amount of water that is wasted by toilets at SPC, as well as figuring out how to reduce the amount of money that is wasted on paper towels.

“On Nov. 4, we are getting a meter installed in the Math Building to make measurements on the water,” said Nancy Munoz, president of the S.E.A.R.Ch program at SPC.

The organization is also working on a collaborative project to build an online map that will help students find their classes easier if they haven’t already mapped out their classes beforehand.

“While working orientation, we noticed quite a bit of students that were lost,” Friesen said. “We are working on an app with Ronny Watkins (dean president of administrative services SPC) and Google that will direct you to the classroom using Google Maps. We are in a time where technology is easy. The accessibility to do this is easy, but nobody has taken the time to actually do it.”

According to Munoz, Watkins is already working on an app for SPC and says that they would like for the program to be integrated into the app.

“Another function we would like to use the app for would be gathering all campus organizations together in one place,” Munoz said. “There will be a Google calendar so that different clubs and organizations can post what they will be doing on what day for everyone to know.”

Friesen said he believes that in order to get people involved, you must make things more convenient for them. With smart phone apps, convenience is simple to achieve.

“Although we encourage entrepreneurs to join, anyone is invited,” Munoz said. “It’s open to any major, and anybody who is wanting to make change on campus.”

The organization was kick started by SPC professorDr. Ramesh Krishnan, professor of math and engineering, with its first university fellow being Ted Davis, who helped start the program last year.

Last spring, the organization only had one meeting. This year, they have hopes that great minds will emerge and join the program.

“If you really want to leave a footprint at this school, we encourage anyone to join,” Munoz said. “Every semester, we elect new officers, so we really encourage people with ideas to join.”

Another project the program is working on is building what they call a “maker space,” where students can document, craft, and express any ideas they have.

“In the maker space, students can bring their ideas and start prototyping them,” Munoz said. “For example, if you want to open a recycling center, you bring your idea and post it, then other people will notice and start adding their own ideas.”

For more information about S.E.A.R.Ch, Munoz encourages students to contact her at (806) 544-3297.

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