Spooky Science Fest offers frightening fun

The Wheeler Science Center on the SPC Levelland campus transformed into the second annual Spooky Science Fest on Oct. 19, just in time for Halloween.  The large learning space was crowded with creepy science exhibits, costumed visitors, and a 3-D human anatomy board.  Study labs became spooky labs with hands-on activities including slithering animals, bubbling potions, pumpkin painting, bat origami, Shrinky Dinks, skeleton “snot,” and owl pellet dissections.  One lab allowed students to extract DNA from strawberries.  Others allowed students to touch and feel real, preserved animal hearts, bones, and hissing cockroaches.  Pumpkins “puked” for several shows throughout the day, and students won T-shirts for guessing trivia questions.  And, of course, there was lots of food and candy. 

Kristin Bingham, chairperson of the biology department, says this event is designed to show that science can be fun and doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

“Events like this make it possible for students to see faculty in their element being curious scientists,” she said. “And, [they] are able to interact with faculty in an environment that is relaxed and all about doing something cool together.”

Bingham says faculty have already begun brainstorming for next year’s event.

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