Dining with Dar: Taqueria Jalisco satisfies Mexican food craving

by: DARIELLA HERNANDEZ/Editorial Assistant

If you have been running out of ideas about where to go eat, Taqueria Jalisco in Lubbock is an interesting, yet delicious, authentic Mexican restaurant to try.

Whether you miss home, you are going through a serious craving for Mexican food, or even if it’s Taco Tuesday, Taqueria Jalisco will satisfy any hunger or cravings you might have.

Located on busy Avenue Q, Taqueria Jalisco’s appropriately-decorated exterior cannot be missed. The green, red and white sign will let you know you have arrived. Taqueria Jalisco, Jalisco’s for short, has more than two dozen traditional dishes to choose from. The restaurant offers all things Mexican, ranging from soups and seafood to fajitas and tacos. I must admit you cannot go wrong with their green enchiladas.

As I waited for my dinner to be served, my attention was drawn toward the amazing décor. The interior is beautiful. Murals, paintings, colorful vases and traditional music create the perfect ambiance for a Sunday dinner. Their classic chips and salsa serve as the perfect hors d’ oeuvre, but the guacamole and chips will change things up quite a bit. If you are an avocado fanatic and you enjoy good guac Taqueria Jalisco’s chips and guac will not disappoint you.


To go along with your hors d’ oeuvre and entiree, refresh yourself with your choice of a fountain drink or Agua Fresca. They have three traditional flavors available to choose from. The famous and classic rice water, better known as horchata, tamarind water (or agua de tamarindo), and agua de Jamaica, which is like fruit punch.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted with a friendly smile and quickly escorted to your seat by the hostess. The servers are friendly and respectful workers who will make sure everything is perfect and to your liking. The wait was not long at all, and the food comes out hot and ready.

I decided to go with the enchiladas verdes. This dish is comprised of of two chicken tacos, covered in their delicious tomatillo sauce. Accompanying the enchiladas, there is a side of rice and beans, along with a fresh side of Pico de Gallo. You are free to add and/or remove items to customize your plate. The enchiladas were perfectly spiced, and the cheese melted over them made everything better.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, Taqueria Jalisco is the place to get a flavorful meal without emptying your pockets. The atmosphere is great to have a family dinner, celebrate a birthday, or even go on a date. Next time you find yourself in Lubbock, don’t pass up the chance to get the Mexican food you know you’ve been craving.

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