‘Pixels’ brings classic games to life in family comedy

by:NICOLE TRUGILLO/Editor-in-Chief

Imagine a world where your favorite video game character comes to life and tries to destroy everything and anyone in its path.

The unique film, “Pixels,” is about aliens challenging the Earth to a duel, and it all began in the summer of 1982.

Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) and Will Cooper (Kevin James) are nerdy teenage boys who love playing arcade games. As it turns out, Sam is very good and talented at the games, because he can recognize the patterns that each game has. He ends up entering an arcade game world championship.

The announcer of the arcade championship explains that a time capsule will be launched into space containing a videocassette of the championship. Both of the teenagers meet Ludlow Lamsonsoff (Josh Gad), who is in love with a fictional video game character, Lady Lisa, and later becomes best friends with them.

Sam makes it to the finals, but is defeated by Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage).

The film flashes forward to the present, revealing that Sam works for a company that installs home theater systems, while best friend Will is the president of the United States.

A U.S military base in Guam has been attacked. The soldiers try to fight back, but they are defeated and a soldier is abducted.

While Sam is helping install video game equipment for a boy named Matty (Mat Lintz), he meets his mother, Violet van Pattern (Michelle Monaghan). White Violet and Sam exchange an awkward moment as Violet explains to Sam she is a divorcee, Will calls Sam and lets him know he is needed at the White House.

In the Oval Office, Will shows Sam video footage of the attack in Guam. Sam explains to Will that the attack looked similar to the classic version of the video game Galaga.

When leaving the White House, Sam finds Ludlow in his van, and Ludlow encourages him to take him to his house because he needs to show him something. At Ludlow’s house, he explains to Sam that the aliens are sending creatures from classic video game designs. Ludlow knows this because he found a message from the aliens explaining they saw the videocassette that was sent with the time capsule as a threat. If the aliens win three rounds, they will take over the Earth.

Sounds like your average aliens taking-over-the-Earth movie right? Well, you’re wrong. “Pixels” has a unique storyline that will grab anyone’s attention who is a fan of classic arcade games. The film’s plot is surprisingly interesting and very original, something that screenplay writers miss these days.

I personally enjoyed the movie, and I was very excited when the trailer came out because I am a fan of video games. When I saw Pac-Man in the trailer, destroying everything in its path, I knew this movie was made for me.

Even though it had a unique storyline, I felt the ending was a little rushed and predictable. I’m not going into details, but I do feel that the director, Chris Columbus, could have made the final fight scene more enjoyable and less predicable.

What surprised me the most was that James was not the comedic guy in this film and it was actually Gad. His humor made me laugh every time as I replay scenes from the movie in my head. The only problem I had with James is him being cast as the president of the United States. His acting fell short, because I see him as the funny guy, not the suit-and-tie kind of guy.

“Pixels” was released on July 24. Despite its predictable ending, it will make you laugh and reintroduce video games like never before.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.


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