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Some of the most unique people we can meet are those we encounter from other countries. South Plains College is the place to encounter these students.

One of these students is Anyi Paola Garcia Solis, who is from Columbia, located in South Africa.

Out of all the colleges Solis could have gone to, she ended up in Levelland at South Plains College. She received a full scholarship to participate in track and field.

When looking at colleges to attend in America, she saw that SPC had one of the top track and field programs for a community college. Solis loves to compete in the high jump. In the spring, she became a national champion in the triple jump, after placing first in the event at the National Junior College Athletic Association Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Solis says she could not pass up an incredible opportunity to experience life in the United States.

“This is the land of opportunities,” said Solis. “I like it here. You can study, and you can become a professional, and this is important for me. Here, they give you opportunities that make you a better person and change your life on the positive side.”

Solis is only seeing the positive side of America, which is something many others could learn from her.

Solis said that she does not like that other countries don’t have the same opportunities like these in the United States.

“The United States is multi cultural,” Solis says, which aids in the reason that she loves it.

Although living in America is great for Solis, she does miss her home and family. In Columbia, there are different traditions that she took part in often. Every Sunday, the people of Columbia ride bikes and run up to the mountains, where there is a view of the whole city. She also misses the people, food, and places in Columbia. As for differences between America and Columbia, Solis said the people in Columbia are always very happy.

Solis loves Columbia, but at the same time life is difficult there, she says. In Columbia, it is very difficult to find or get cars, as they are much more expensive. Even worse than expensive cars is the price for an education and health care, says Solis.

Coming from Columbia is a big step and a completely new chapter in Solis’ life. But with her positive and friendly attitude, it will only be a great experience of a lifetime. Since Solis has been in America, she says that she has seen many things that have amazed her, making it hard to pick a favorite.

“I like the parks that are here, like Disney, and Universal Studios, Bush Gardens in Tampa.” Solis said, “All the Universities are really big.”

Solis looks forward to the rest of her time in America. Though living away from family can be challenging, perhaps her experience at South Plains College will make the time away worth it.

Anyi Solis at the Administration Building on Sept. 8. HANNAH NELSON/PLAINSMAN PRESS

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