Student housing group planning more activities

by SARA MARSHALL/Photo Editor

Students who live on campus in the residence halls can have voices and ideas about their state of living.

Some students wish for more things to do in Levelland, where others wish just for a pool table in their lobby. No matter the idea a student has, the South Plains College Resident Hall Association (RHA) is just the place for these voices to be heard. RHA is a student-led and student-run organization that promotes a positive environment for those living on campus.

Becoming a member or a contributor to RHA could benefit you and others you know in your residence hall by being provided with valuable leadership skills. To become a member of RHA in some form, all a student resident needs to do is attend the weekly meetings, which are held 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in the campus Library.

“Being an advocate is paramount in order to voice needs and address concerns,” said RHA advisor Robert Camacho. “Student residents need to be able to assemble in masses in order to identify obstacles and create change together.”

RHA has an elected executive board of student residents, which is comprised of: sophomore James Salzman, president; sophomore Cristien Holguin, vice president; freshman Kaedan Garrison, secretary and treasurer; and sophomore Martha Dyck, public affairs officer.


“The board this semester is brand new, and we are dedicated to make RHA the best it has ever been,” Salzman said. “So come to the meetings, and don’t miss out.”

These officers manage all RHA activities, such as campus-wide events, collaborations with other organizations, and relationships with the college’s administration. The board members listen and consider all problems and issues brought before them to encourage growth and development within student housing.

“If people let us know about problems within the halls, we will try to fix the problems,” Dyck said.

RHA is not limited to just supplying residence hall lobbies with microwaves or hosting events around campus. The association also organizes many on-campus events, typically suggested by student residents who attend the weekly meetings. Upcoming events include a BBQ on Sept. 28 at 5p.m., Human v. Zombies game on Oct. 19 – Oct. 22 and a Haunted House, “Nightmare on College Avenue,” on Oct. 29 during the Halloween carnival.

“Everybody who lives in the halls can get involved,” Salzman said. “There also are many events being planned in our meetings right now, so make sure you attend to find them out!”

According to Salzman, student residents can expect big things from this semester’s RHA executive board as they continue to improve upon how they handle arising problems, resident concerns and potential special events.

“Without knowledge of obstacles and needs, administration won’t be able to facilitate their needs,” Camacho said. “Residents must be active participants in creating a sense of advocacy for student housing.”

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