Dependence on technology has negative impact on students

by: HANNAH NELSON/Staff Writer 

Almost everyone has heard their mom and dad talk about the early life experiences, and how different their life was than the life we have today.

Now that we have entered into college, we have all of the stories about our parents’ experiences while they were attending college. Think about how different college is now than it was back when most of our parents attended college.

Many parents will talk about carrying their backpack full of books, notes, pencils, highlighters, and homework all together, going from class-to-class. This is similar to what you would find in most students’ backpack today. However, there is one key object that was missing from our parents’ old college backpack, something that has become a huge necessity for every student in today’s world — a laptop.

In a little more than a few decades, technology has completely changed how colleges function and influenced the lives of students. There are many different positive things that technology has brought to the college classroom. However, in I believe that there are many negative things that technology has caused to happen with college that has a big effect on the students.

One major way that technology has made a negative impact on college students is our ability to focus on one single thing at a time.  As students, we are constantly doing multiple things at a time. If we are in class during a lecture, we are also typing our notes on our computer. If we are studying, we are more than likely also listening to music. Technology has made it so easy for us to do multiple things at once. This has caused many people to feel like they have to be doing multiple things. It is almost impossible for them to do a single thing at a time.

This multitasking takes away the ability for students to fully concentrate on one thing. This multitasking has become such a big part in our lives that it is almost impossible to break our habit of doing it. That is why it is such a negative effect, because doing one single thing at a time is a skill that everyone needs to have, especially outside of college.

Another huge negative aspect that technology has brought to the college campus is the way that we think. We are constantly using our computers and the Internet to gain any knowledge that we need. This has caused many of us not to stop and think about something ourselves.

Another way that technology has affected how we think is based on how we learn now as students. We do everything, from taking notes, to doing our homework, on a computer. Typing something out does not allow me to remember something as well as writing it out on paper does.

Technology has had many great effects and helps college students succeed tremendously. However, I believe that it is important for us to allow ourselves to be independent away from all our technology and block some of the unconstructive sides that technology could have on us.


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