Jenner deserves respect for raising awareness for transgender community


I feel that Caitlyn Jenner has been a very courageous person when it comes to being a transgender female.

I think that it takes a lot of courage to express this kind of thing, but especially if you’re in the public eye like she is. Caitlyn has had to go through this transition very publicly. That’s something that takes guts to do.

I honestly think that she has a lot of courage for coming out as a transgender woman.

That can’t be something that is easy to do. I think that she came out in a very cool way. I think that when Caitlyn revealed her name and how she looked on a magazine cover was a surprise to everyone. But I think many have kind of embraced Caitlyn, once she fully came out as transgender.

I think that what she is trying to do with all of this is very cool as well, bringing more awareness to the transgender community. I feel that community needs a spokesperson such as Caitlyn to bring the kind of awareness that community needs. I think that Caitlyn deserves the upmost respect when it comes to raising the awareness for the transgender community. I know that it’s probably very hard for people who are transgender to come out to everyone, such as their parents or when filling out a college application, and have that fear of not being accepted for who they really are and not being able to reach their full potential.CAITLYN-JENNER

The transgender community includes people just like you and I. They want to be loved and accepted, just like you and I. Granted, I am not transgender myself, but I can’t imagine the struggle that the people who are go through. I can’t begin to imagine the pain they must feel if their parents disown them, or if they aren’t accepted into the university of their dreams, or even get to pursue their dreams because of that fear.  It’s something no person should ever have to go through.

I have so much respect for Caitlyn and the whole transgender community, because this is something that isn’t easy to deal with. I respect Caitlyn for bringing awareness to this community that kind of gets brushed aside and treated poorly. I feel like transgender people don’t get the love and support that they want and need most of the time. Like I said before, they are just humans. They’re just like you and I, just struggling with different demons.

I think that Caitlyn is brave for going through this transition in a very public manner. She has, without a doubt, opened my eyes to the struggles that the transgender community goes through. It makes me sad to know how poorly that this community is treated, and how they often feel the need to end their own lives because of the underwhelming support and love that they don’t get. I think that Caitlyn came out at a vital time. Because of who she is and what she is doing, I can’t help but applaud her. I personally feel that the world needs her. I feel that the transgender community needs more allies.

The world is a harsh enough place as it is. We don’t need to fill it with even more hate and violence.

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