New approach by Wigmore gives ‘Blood to Bone’ album powerful impact

by: PAMELA GANDY/Editorial Assistant

Gin Wigmore’s newest album shows her softer, more emotional side, while incorporating multiple music genres.

The New Zealand native released her third studio album, “Blood to Bone,” on Aug. 28. This album can be considered alternative rock, although, in typical Wigmore fashion, it also features characteristics of hard rock, soul, and blues. This is the first of Wigmore’s albums to include synthetic sounds, but the bulk of the music is live instrumentation. The album includes 10 songs, the majority of which, are ballads. Wigmore is the primary writer for each of the songs.

The standout song on the album is “New Rush,” which combines Wigmore’s unique, raspy vocals with heavy drums and synthetic sounds to create an intense and energetic story. “New Rush” focuses on Wigmore’s desire to “sip on fire,” or do and feel more. It also explains her willingness to neglect, or even hurt, those around her in order reach a state of content.

The other especially memorable song is “Written in the Water,” which tells the story of a doomed-to-fail relationship in a vivid and powerful way. In this song, Wigmore recognizes that she should sever ties with her lover. However, there is something about the thrill or excitement of the relationship that she cannot deny. She stays committed to him, even though she is certain he will not commit himself to her in the same way.

blood to bone

The rest of the songs are slower and more tender. They each focus on the different feelings that correspond with being emotionally dissatisfied and wanting more out of relationships and life, as well as being aware of the consequences for trying to reach a state of happiness. The song that best embodies that is “This Old Heart,” which tells Wigmore’s story of being incredibly happy and in love with someone. Instead of focusing on her love for this person, the song centers around the idea that love and happiness cannot undo the emotional damage that has already been done.

This album is very different than Wigmore’s previous two, because it focuses more on the sad and confused end of the spectrum of emotion, rather than the provocative and angry side. Wigmore is a fantastic vocalist and storyteller, which makes her slower, more sentimental songs, captivating and entertaining.

The most unique thing about this album is Wigmore’s exceptionally different voice. It is somewhat raspy and lower in tone. All of the songs highlight her unique sound, without relying on her vocals to carry the album. The combination of her vocals and the meaningful and powerful lyrics create a wonderful album.

When listening to this album, many thoughts went through my mind. I was reminded of different people throughout my life who, for one reason or the other, I am no longer close to. Instead of evoking feelings of anger or resentment, it made me feel grateful for the experiences and opportunities that those people gave me. Even though many of the songs had heartbroken or sorrowful themes, it did not make me feel sad.

All of the songs are very easy for the listener to relate to. They each highlight questions and emotions that everyone has had or experienced at some point in life. The blend of different musical styles also makes this album appealing to people with a variety of music tastes.

I give this album 5 out of 5 stars.

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