Angel promoting new album at Lubbock concert

by: SERGIO MADRID/Staff Writer

Two Texas musicians and two-stepping cowboys and girls sound like the perfect mixture of a good night.

On Oct. 30, at Wild West dance club in Lubbock, Breelan Angel will be performing to promote her newly-released album, “Diamond in a Rhinestone World.” Headlining the concert will be Texas country music giant, Cody Johnson.

Angel says, “I’m sure the place is going to go crazy when he goes on. I will definitely be out on the dance floor interacting with the fans and dancing with anyone who wants to two step.”

Angel is a fairly new face to the Texas music circuit, having released her debut album, “Dirty Little Secrets,” just a year ago. It saw a lot of commercial success.

“I didn’t really grow up wanting to pursue singing as a career,” says Angel. “I just always liked to perform. I was in theater, dance, and sang in the school choir, just about anything it seems.”

Considering that Texas country music is centered around the Midwestern states, relationships are easily grown between the artists.

“The Texas scene is so supportive, and we are always ready to help each other out,” Angel adds. “I love all of those guys.”

Angel went on to talk about her start.

“Randy Rogers, (of The Randy Rogers Band), actually took my demo and told me if there was anything he could do to help me, all I had to do was let him know,” recalls Angel.

Angel grew up in Baytown, Texas, and later moved to Dallas, where she graduated from Southern Methodist University. She then moved to Austin after she knew she wanted to pursue a music career full time.

“I then went up to Nashville to do some recording,” Angel says, “and once things got going, I moved back to my home in Texas.”

Angel said it wasn’t until 2010 when she started seeing how far she might be able to go with her music.

A lot of buzz is being poured into her upcoming release of “Diamond in a Rhinestone World,” and her music video of the single, “Rub a Little Dirt on It,” more than likely has a lot to do with it, Angel says.

“The video was just a way to get the song out, and was so much fun,” says Angel.

“My good friend, Cody Hutchinson, helped out in the making of the video,” she adds. “We spent the entire day drinking, cooking out, and getting dirty in the mud. It was an all-day project, and just the best time.”

Not having performed many of her new songs, Angel says she is unsure of which are going to be her favorite to perform, though, the title track, “Winnebago,” seems to go over well with crowds. Nonetheless, you can expect her upcoming concert in Lubbock to sell out with the help of fellow country star, Cody Johnson.

“Diamond in a Rhinestone World, as a whole, is our tribute to female country stars like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, who went through the talk and the criticism to pave a way for me to do what I love,” says Angel.


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