Gun control should be more rigorous through screenings, criminal history checks


There is a lot of controversy when it comes to guns.

Whether they should be allowed on college and university campuses, gun rights in general, even who should and who shouldn’t have a gun are topics of discussion.

I feel that guns are something to be handled with a lot of care. They aren’t just something that you just play around with. Guns can and will do a lot of damage. Yes, I am going to state the obvious with this one, guns can and will kill someone.

I also feel that not everyone should have a gun, mainly because of events, such as school shootings, that have gone on in more recent years. Personally, I think that people who want to purchase a gun should be screened beforehand, including a criminal history check,  to see if they’re mentally stable enough to actually have a gun.

Guns are a very useful tool to have with you, especially when it comes to protecting yourself, your family or even property. But there are people out there that take it to extremes, like I mentioned before. People go out and act on their tendencies to actually shoot up a school or an army base.


I feel that everyone has at least access to a gun, let alone be able to purchase a gun.  In Texas, it seems like almost everyone has a gun, or we all know someone who has a gun. Even though I don’t know what someone’s reason is for owning a gun, it just seems like there’s a lot of potential for something horrible to happen , such as acting out  a devious plan that they want to act out, or breaking in someone’s home .

I’m not trying to say that we should get rid of guns. I just feel that, we,  as a nation, should be a little more strict with who is and isn’t allowed to purchase a gun.

Yes, there are also people who don’t have a criminal record who shouldn’t be trusted with a gun. But that’s where the screening comes in.

I feel that, as a nation, we don’t take guns as seriously as we should. I think that we should be a little more strict when it comes to who can purchase a gun and who cannot.  Guns  can be a helpful tool.  But when they are in the wrong hands, who knows what can happen?

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