Plastic surgery necessary to eliminate insecurities

by:MATT MOLINAR/Opinion Editor

Ever since the practice originated, cosmetic surgery has been labeled as a negative thing for some people who wish to ban it.

However, I believe that it can be a necessity for those who have body issues, or for people who have been in disfiguring accidents.

Many people believe that cosmetic surgery is morally wrong, due to the fact that people are going through extreme surgeries to achieve a certain facial bone structure or body figures that were not given to them at birth.

The first reason I think plastic surgery is necessary is because some people actually need it.  Victims of different accidents and disasters might experience injury to their faces, which can cause them to lose parts of their face and end up needing facial reconstruction surgery in order to feel normal again. If someone was injured in a fire and had parts of the face burned off, he or she would want facial reconstruction surgery to feel normal again.

Another reason I believe cosmetic surgery should remain a legal practice is because it usually satisfies people who wish to have a more aesthetically pleasing figure or face. A study conducted by psychologists Kenneth Dion, Ellen Berscheid and Elaine Hatfield, which involved showing college students photos of people, was performed at a community college. The students were asked to choose who they thought were the more intelligent, friendly, happy, or successful people. Most of the students chose the more attractive people to have these characteristics. Many of the people who wish to undergo cosmetic surgeries wish to appear to have these characteristics.

plastic surgery

If cosmetic surgery were to become illegal, people who still wish to receive these surgeries would more than likely fall into procedures performed by unlicensed practitioners working in the black market, making it very dangerous.

If you’ve ever tuned into the TV show “Botched,” you would know what people who receive black-market procedures go through.

The results of these illegal cosmetic surgeries can cause people to die because of the random things the unlicensed practitioners inject into their subjects.

There is one story about a woman who was injected with cooking oil. She died after going into a coma, as the cooking oil caused her organs to fail. If cosmetic surgery would become illegal, stories such as this woman’s would become more common. To keep people from getting these terrible substances injected into their bodies, why not just keep plastic surgery legal and safe?

Today, in America, body image is a large concern, especially for younger generations. Because of this, more and more people want plastic surgery to fit into either what society thinks is attractive, or what the individual thinks is attractive. Cosmetic surgery should remain a legal practice just to keep a great business blooming, as well as keep people alive.

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