FIFA 16 impresses with realistic game

by: NICK ALVARADO/Editorial Assistant 

The excitement is back for another great soccer game franchise, FIFA 16.

For those who don’t know, the FIFA game series is produced by EA Sports Canada and is released worldwide on various dates. This year will be a groundbreaking release for the series, with women appearing for the first time in a sports video game.

The graphics on the game is stunning and make you feel like you’re actually at a soccer match and playing. The crowd also interacts in real-life form, and the announcers of the game are more detailed the teams and key players included. Many people who played the game have stated that it “looks like an actual TV broadcast.”

More teams have been added, most notably, women’s national teams. While women make their first appearance in a sports game, many fans also love the new addition, as well as the players themselves. No women’s club teams are included in the game, but it has been considered to headline women’s clubs around the world.

In career mode, you can pick to play as a player or manager. Before the regular season begins, you have the option to select a pre-season tournament to participate in, as this is a new feature in the game that players can choose.

If you happen to play as English teams in the game, note that the scoring and player graphics are exactly like a television broadcast. This creates the environment that makes the players and the game feel realistic. All teams are updated by a feature called MatchDay Live. All crowds in the game are more detailed, and chant the real chants that they would shout in an actual game.

With everyone being critical about player faces, FIFA game developers were spot-on, with the faces looking exactly like the actual players. Match balls are exactly the same as the current balls being used in all matches.

However, while the graphics, players and crowds are realistic, there is one flaw. Not all teams are licensed by the game. If you look into it, the Italian second division is all generic teams. All teams should be able to be licensed for the game and get the chance to receive spotlight on the game worldwide.

Also, there is less space whenever a player attempts to save a tournament. Instead of 10 tournament slots to save, it has been reduced by half to five slots. With less players playing in tournament mode, EA Sports decided to cut the saving slots to preserve memory on the game.

Overall, FIFA 16 is a great $60 buy and is worth the money. Every match that you play is realistic, creating the environment to excite players and the audience. No doubt, this game deserves a solid 5 of 5 stars.

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