‘Malevolence’ showcases melodic style, dark sensations

by: HANNAH NELSON/Staff Writer

New Years Day’s newest album is hard-hitting and full of songs that are perfect for head banging in the pit at a show, or shameless bathroom mirror singing.

“Malevolence” was released on Oct. 2 through Another Century records. It was produced by Erik Ron, who has worked with many different bands, including Bless the fall, Motionless in White, and Escape the Fate, among others. The album features 12 songs that are sure to leave a great impression on listeners.

Throughout New Years Day’s career, it seems that they are getting better with each album. “Malevolence” has definitely proven this. With this album, fans get to hear the eerie, yet melodic sound that New Years Day has been known for throughout their last EP, “Epidemic,” and their previous full-length album, “Victim to Villain.”

However, New Years Day has taken their iconic sound to another level with this new album. Throughout the album, there are so many different hard-hitting songs with low guitar riffs that capture the perfect dark sensation for listeners. This album shows how much New Years Day has grown and matured since their formation in 2005. As I listened to this album, I could tell how hard the band worked to make “Malevolence” the best that it could possibly be just by the sound of the album alone.

The album starts off with the single, “Kill or Be Killed,” which the band released early this summer while they were on the Vans Warped tour. This song is a perfect start to the album. It begins with a piano playing slowly, building a creepy tone, until the guitars come in full and loud. I also believe that it was a nice touch to have a song most fans were already familiar with start the album.

As the album goes on, there are many different songs that catch my attention. One of the songs, “Left Inside,” has a slow and mysterious beginning but gets heavier as the song goes along. “Anthem of the Unwanted” is a song full of chant-worthy lyrics, giving you a feeling of powerment.

My favorite song of the record is “Alone.” This song has such a catchy chorus that includes a vocal riff I catch myself singing in my head throughout the day.

The album, as a whole, is the perfect representation of New Years Day as a band, and how well they can create music.

If you are a fan of heavier music, and you are looking for your next favorite band, give New Years Day’s album, “Malevolence,” a try. For me, this album will definitely be on repeat for a while on my iPod. I cannot get enough of it.

I give this album a 5 out of 5 stars.

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