The Damn Quails showcase southern style at recent concert

by: PAMELA GANDY/Entertainment Editor

The Damn Quails gave folk rock and country music a modern edge at their recent performance.

The Oklahoma band performed an entertaining and uniquely southern concert at The Office Grill and Sports Bar in Lubbock on Oct. 16.

The Damn Quails got their start by writing folk rock songs, which they performed in small venues across Oklahoma. The band was created after their weekly performances slowly attracted larger crowds.

“We started playing with a few of our buddies that were off work on Monday nights,” said Marshall. “Before we knew it, we had 12 band members on stage. Six months later, we had a name. It was very organic.”

Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White are the group’s lead singers, as well as the primary songwriters for The Damn Quails. They have performed together for four years, releasing their first album, “Down the Hatch,” in 2011.

Legal complications with their previous record label delayed the release of their second album. They were not able to release “Out of the Birdcage” until this September. Although their album just recently became available, the group has been performing many of its songs since they were written.

The Damn Quails have a true passion for performing live.

“It’s fun,” said Marshall. “Even if you’ve got some heavy stuff on your mind, you get on stage and start playing, and it all goes away.”

Their passion for live performance was undeniable at their recent Lubbock concert. The entire group was very energetic and seemed to really enjoy their time on stage.

The Damn Quails perform for the audience at The Office Grill and Sports Bar on Oct. 16. BRANDI ORTIZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

“We always have a good time when we perform,” said White. “Sometimes we play up to three times a week.”

White, in addition to playing with The Damn Quails, also enjoys playing with other touring bands.

“I play as much as I can,” said White.

The Damn Quails opened the show with a song from their new album, “Tough Luck Cryin’ Shame.”  It was the perfect opening song, because it captured their unique style of folk rock and country influence.

They continued to play many of their songs at the concert, including “Midnight Swagger,” “Mary,”  “Another Story,” “Through the Fire,” and “A Better Place to Stop.”

Half way through the show, the band took a brief intermission and asked Lubbock singer-songwriter Charlie Stout to come to the stage. He played a few of his own songs, including “Three Quarter Time.”

Stout’s southern style resembled the tone of The Damn Quails’ music, which made him the perfect addition to the performance.

The Damn Quails have an extremely unique style that was really apparent throughout their performance. Their music has a strong bluegrass feel to it. Their song lyrics are well written and have a traditional southern energy. That being said, their music still has a contemporary energy to it.

They also had a strong on-stage energy that made their performance more memorable. Throughout the night, White shared stories about the events and people that influenced specific songs, which helped to increase the audience connection.

The Damn Quails’ personality and talent were showcased during their concert, which made the show unique and entertaining.  I give their performance four out of five stars.

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