Varied music performances attract diverse crowd at ACL festival

by:SERGIO MADRID/Staff Writer 

AUSTIN – Only a chosen few events around the world bring together people from every corner of the world. Austin City Limits is what gives Austin, Texas the name “The music capitol of the world”.

One of the few places on earth that is truly accepting of all people of all ages is Austin, Texas. The world famous festival ACL is a product of the town’s equality. A walkthrough the festival you will spot visitors from almost every state, travelers from across the globe, and persons as young as infants and as old as your great grandmother.

If you arrive early you have an advantage to get into the festival without much wait, and find a great vantage point for the early bands, but with four stages it will become difficult to find that front row seat and as the day grows old you’ll find yourself pushing and shoving as everyone fights for the best spot, just stay clear of the mosh pits.

The day starts off with some monster vocals from Meg Meyers who has a sweetheart look to her, but will deliver a voracious and possessive performance that will both inspire and devour your emotions. Especially when performing her new song “Sorry.”

C-Tame and Paula take fans from all over for a ride
Tame Impala prepares for performance at Austin City Limits on Oct. 9. SERGIO MADRID/PLAINSMAN PRESS

After Myers was an electric performance put on by Royal Blood. Formed in Brighton, United Kingdom, this two piece band consist of lead singer and bassist Mike Kerr, and Drummer Ben Thatcher. The thing about these two musicians is that they give a sound that can audibly out do any Rock group out there today.

If Rock ‘n Roll isn’t your style then maybe you’d like to groove along with the soulful serenade produced from Georgia’s own singer-songwriter Leon Bridges. Bridges will make you want to dance like no one is watching the same way James Brown and Ray Charles did before him. Though Bridges can deliver Gospel just as well, his song “River” comes highly recommended.

If Rock and Soul still doesn’t quite cut it for you then possibly the relaxing and psychedelic sound is more your style. If that’s the case you can count on Australian pop sensation “Tame Impala” to provide just that. With their diminished riffs and super high vocals you will find yourself outside of your body and what better place to that then in Austin.

The day continues you’ve seen some great performances and met people from all over, but now you’re hungry and looking for some H2O. Lucky for you there are water fill up stations every other step and a massive food court that offers a variety of local dishes, from Stubbs Barbecue, to Fish Tacos there’s something for you to enjoy.

After you’ve received your fill you can continue to enjoy great music from artists old and new Billy Idol is a notable artists from a time ago, and Gary Clark Junior a musician in our time who has made a name for himself as a blues genius, being an Austin native Clark was greatly praised for his melodies.

The festival begins to settle in for the final act and ninety-five percent of all participants pack it in for the might “Foo Fighters.” Despite injury to his right foot lead singer Dave Grohl manages to put together an energetic show that featured local artist like Gary Clark Jr. and of course with two hours Grohl made it a point to play all fan favorites such as “Hero” and “Learn to Fly.”

The show ends and chances are you lost all your friends, which in my opinion is the best part of the festival, because you can all meet up at any point in Austin. Whether it’s a late night snack from In ‘n Out Burger or a drink down on either Rainey Street or 6th Street you are guaranteed a good time.

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