Sixth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ premiers with intense, emotional plot lines

by:CHESANIE BRANTLEY/Editor-in-Chief

Biters. Geeks. Walkers.

The sixth season of the hit TV show “The Walking Dead” premiered on Oct. 11 with “First Time Again.” The episode had a series of flashbacks in black-and-white, intertwined with what was happening in color.

“First Time Again” began with Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, Glenn, played by Steven Yeun and the others from Alexandria acting out the plan they had devised to lure the walkers away from their home. They had time to perfect it as long as the semi-truck hanging on the edge of a cliff held back another large group of walkers.

The semi-truck fell while they were going through the motions of their plan, and the scene flashes in black-and-white back to Alexandria.

All of the black-and-white scenes lead up to the group being there when the semi-truck falls.

The plan is executed. Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz, and Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, lead the walkers away from Alexandria through sounds and flashes.

Then the horn sounds, and the walkers start toward Alexandria.

I really enjoyed the first episode. It kept me entertained, and I liked that it required the audience to think more. The audience had to figure out that the black-and-white scenes were the flashbacks and had to pay attention to keep up with what was happening.

The second episode, “JSS,” explains where the horn came from. The mysterious group called the Wolves that writes W’s on their foreheads attacked Alexandria and started killing everyone.


Carol, played by Melissa McBride, being the feisty, awesome person she is, immediately starts fighting back and camouflages herself as one of them. She convinces a very reluctant Morgan, played by Lennie James, to help her defeat the group.

While Morgan is fighting, there is something weird about him. The group attacking Alexandria knows Morgan, and he convinces them to leave.

The horn that was heard came from a truck running into a building during the mini war between groups.

There is also something fishy going on with Enid, played by Katelyn Nacon, who seems to be involved with the attack somehow.

“JSS” answered the question of where the horn came from that set back the plan to lead away thousands of walkers. But it ended with the need to know more. Who are the strange people with W’s? How was Enid involved? What is going to happen as a result of the horn distracting the walkers?

The third episode, “Thank You,” did not offer many answers. But it is the episode that has all of the “Walking Dead” fans on the edge of their seat.

Rick leaves Glenn and Michonne to lead the rest of the group back to Alexandria, while he finds a way to lead the walkers that wandered off the original path.

Nicholas, played by Michael Traynor, is already on Glenn’s bad side. Nicholas and Glenn end up standing on a dumpster as they are trapped by walkers.

Nicholas starts seeing things in slow motion, while Glenn is trying to get his attention so they can somehow escape. Glenn is awesome that way.

He slowly pulls out a gun.

He shoots himself in the head, taking Glenn down with him.

Walkers are eating at someone’s flesh, and Glenn is lying on his back, awake.

I was shocked. Is Glenn dead? If he is, what kind of death was that? Glenn would not die that way. He is a hero. He would die a hero, not because of what Nicholas did.

The fourth episode, “Here’s Not Here,” offered a lot of hope for “Walking Dead” fans to get the answers I know I was craving for.

But, no.

The entire episode was about Morgan explaining and trying to help the leader of the Wolves change the way he was able to change. Then we find out he is keeping the leader, who was injured by a walker, in Alexandria. There was nothing about Glenn. Not even a hint as to whether he was alive.

This episode really disappointed me, not just because it didn’t tell what happened to Glenn, but because I felt like I had to just get through it. I understand it was necessary to get Morgan’s backstory, but I thought it was oddly placed. In the episode before, Glenn was possibly dying and Rick was a bloody mess from fighting. And then we have Morgan’s story?

It seemed like the writers had this intense rising action, and then once they were at the top, nothing happened.

So far, this season has been messy, intense and emotional. I cannot wait to see how Glenn gets out of the mess he is in, because I honestly just do not accept that is the way he dies. I think the rest of this season has a lot of potential.

The next episode, “Now,” will hopefully bring more answers to what happened with Glenn, where Rick is and what Morgan is going to do with the leader of the Wolves.

Anyone who is interested in watching “The Walking Dead” must watch it from the beginning, or it will not make sense. For those who like suspense and some slight gore, this is the show for you.

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