Deadpool movie causes petition for rating change

by: SARA MARSHALL/Photo Editor

Fans of all ages have been long awaiting the next installment of Marvel’s superhero franchise, the “Deadpool” movie.

This mercenary-turned-hero will be in theaters on Feb. 12.

Ryan Reynolds is not only staring as Marvel’s most notorious red-clothed mercenary, but he is helping to produce the movie as well. According to Reynolds, Deadpool is “a guy that’s morally flexible and has a motor mouth.” He also happens to be an unapologetically psychotic killer. Because of these not-so-redeeming qualities, “Deadpool” has been given a hard R-rating by the Motion Picture Association of America, due to the overall not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content that will be in the movie.

However, this long-wished for rating excludes many of those typically in the audience of a comic book superhero movie. That is, kids.

Grace Randolph, creator and host of YouTube shows “Beyond The Trailer” and “Think About the Ink,” has begun petitioning Fox for a PG-13 cut of the movie due to an an 8-year-old fan’s wish to see Deadpool in theaters. The 8 year old’s mother wrote a letter into Randolph explaining the kid’s predicament of not being able to see an R-rated film. But I think it was a fruitless gesture.


With more than 9,000 down votes on her YouTube announcement of the petition, versus a little more than 1,000 up votes, one can see that the older fans of Deadpool are not happy about her wanting a PG-13 cut. Though her petition comes with the best of intentions, I don’t think creating a PG-13 cut would help him out anyway, because 8 years old is still too young to see it.

A PG-13 cut of a hard R-rated “Deadpool” movie would be inconceivable anyway. The amount of reshooting, cutting and editing it would take the movie producers and directors to go through would not be worth the hassle of making a new cut of the movie. Another thing to note is the fact that key elements of the movie would have to be reshot in order to allow for a lower rating due to their explicit content.

Fans of the “Deadpool” movie petitioned for months during the pre-production phase of the movie to gain the hard R-rating. To see the dedication of these fans go to waste on someone wanting a PG-13, somewhat kid friendly version of “Deadpool” is honestly sad. Though I know the PG-13 cut will not happen due to budget and movie content, I still think Rudolph may stir up enough trouble to make it a problem for Fox.

I think if you want your children to see a NSFW movie that badly, wait for it to come out on DVD. One YouTuber shouldn’t try to spoil a movie some people have been waiting years to see in all its gory glory, just because an 8-year-old child wants to as well.

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